Update: The Art of Bolt Rolling

by Brian Mullin on February 2, 2007

Refer to my previous post “The Art of Bolt Rolling.”

If I was going to follow my rules a bit more closely, and only replace bolts at the meet the $2 per gram savings, I would have come up with this scenario.

So now instead of $158 for 83 grams ($1.90 per gram), I would have $93 for 61 grams ($1.50 per gram). Some real wastes of money were the derailer bolts, the headset carbon top cap (a big waste!), the chainring bolts (XTR only has steel inner bolts), the crank pinch bolts and a small lower pivot bolt. I kept the brake rotor bolts cause they are rotational weight, even though at $4.60 per gram, they don’t meet the rule. If you dropped those, it would even be better, coming in at a reasonable $59 for 54 grams ($1.09 per gram).

So what would I have done? I would have skipped the derailer bolts, one link bolt and the headset cap. It would have been a fine $119 for 72 grams ($1.65 per gram). However, I am a weight weenie so what do you expect!

Here were my free to fairly cheap weight trimmings. I was amazed how much the cheap plastic cogset spoke protector weighed. In addition, I took off the front and rear shock labels, and the Mavic wheelset labels. Bike grips are a bit of a personal thing, but I have found the ESI to be pretty comfy grips.

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