KMC X9SL Review – Update 2

by Brian Mullin on October 24, 2007

We got a snowstorm on Sunday in Colorado and we got anywhere from 7-10 inches around where I live. With the typical Colorado weather it was 75 on Saturday, cold and snowy on Sunday, sunny but cold on Monday and then 65 on Tuesday. That helped melt a lot of the snow. So I went out on Tuesday afternoon unsure of the conditions on my fave trails up in the Mt Herman Forest Center near Monument Colorado. Things turned out to be not so bad. Mostly semi-wet sandy trails with some slush snow and a few deeper drifts. It was still a bit early for the upper foothills but not bad for down low. Another couple of warm days and back to normal! Gotta love Colorado snow removal. Anyone remember Mayor Pena of Denver who used trash trucks to smash down the snow, that didn’t work! That was to funny and a big embarrassment.

Anyway between the snow, the wet trails, the mud and the wet sandy dirt the drive train got pretty trashed quickly. The chain just kept shifting with nary a issue. I think I had one small ghost shift on the whole ride. Not to bad. I am very impressed with the chain so far. I also had not lubed it for a couple of rides so it was even in desperate need of a lube, but that did not seem to make a difference.

So all that is left is the long term durability analysis and that is going to take a bit. When will it stretch to much? Will find out, stay tuned fellow Gramites!

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