KMC X9SL Review – Update 1

by Brian Mullin on October 15, 2007

I grabbed my chain breaker and removed my Shimano XTR chain. Boy that was lots of work to get the pin removal started with my mini chain breaker, I had to grab a pair of pliers to give me a bit more assistance in the removal. I need to get one of those more ‘bike shop’ chain breakers that have a bit more leverage, the mini breaker just don’t hack it anymore for my old hands. It was a bit easier popping the pin through when I was shortening the KCNC X9SL chain.

So I shortened the X9SL chain to the proper length for my Ibis Mojo drivetrain and it was 112 links and weighed 246.8g. Attachment of the chain on the bike was breeze using the ‘Missing Link’, much nicer then using one of those Shimano replacement pins. It does look very bling. Need to get the Gold Magura Marta SL brakes now to match!

First riding impressions were very nice. The chain shifted smoothly and no matter how difficult and tortuous I was during hard technical pedaling it shifted like a trooper. Wait, what the heck does that saying mean anyway, had to check. Found some hits such as “with energy, endurance, or enthusiasm; as, to work, like a trooper” and “deals with and persists through difficulty or hardship without complaint”. There yah go! Anyway, short of throwing it through muddy conditions it was functioning fine. It weighed about 24g less then my XTR chain.

More updates to follow as more long term analysis and testing continues. Mr Gram Bling signing off.

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