Rollonthrottle – Fork Ace High Volume Enhancer

by Brian Mullin on November 26, 2008

This is my rough look after installing the Fork Ace. What this unit does is give a fork an extra volume chamber and after trying a prototype earlier in the year it allows you to get maximum travel and a more linear feel from a fork. This time I am going to test on my Fox F29 fork on the Moots Mooto-XZ 29er which is a mere 100mm of travel, the last go round I used a fox Float RLC 140. I could never get the full travel out of either of these forks.

Here was my old quote from the prototype testing:

“I got it on Friday and hooked it up Sunday morning. I put in the usual 65 lbs of pressure and went out for a ride. Wow very nice. Its much more linear and goes much deeper. I never noticed any harshness anywhere in the travel. I was getting a bit to much sag so I bumped it up to almost 70 lbs. It took me most of my ride to get used to that much travel. I had to really change the way I ride my bike since it was like I was riding a different shock. Towards the end of the ride I was really liking that monster travel fork that it had become. It’s amazing how much difference the pressure can make the shock act. To little air and you will bottom it right out with body weight. To much air and its becomes a pretty stout beast.”

The new unit is a bit smaller and instead of a long skinny tube it is now short and fatter. Wait that sounds very porno?

Fork Ace unit 127.3 grams
holder 42.7 grams
tubing 10.5 grams
fork connector 4.2 grams
U connector 2.3 grams

The final weight will very depending on how you set it up. I am going to try the water bottle attachment first.

Installation steps:

  1. deflated the Fox F29 fork
  2. removed the schrader valve
  3. replaced it with the Fork Ace connector
  4. attached the water bottle adapters
  5. inserted the U connector into the Fork Ace
  6. attached the Fork Ace to the water bottle adapters, U connector pointing down
  7. inserted the tubing to the U connector
  8. moved the tubing to follow the down tube and up and around towards the fork
  9. cut the tubing to length, leaving enough to prevent binding
  10. add a couple of ties to keep tubing attached
  11. add air to Fork Ace to usual fork pressure, 60lbs in my case, push fork down a few time and recheck pressure

Total weight: 163.3 grams (unit, shorter tubing, U connector, connector, water bottle adapter)

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