Winter Riding Area – Pueblo South Shore

by Brian Mullin on January 16, 2009

Joe hitting the crux slot on Hooters

Here is the official map, also go to the Southern Colorado Trail Builders website lakepueblotrails for further details. I want to put out a hardy thanks to them for some great trails, and all the hard work they have performed to get this great resource for us to all use. And please buy a Park Pass or pay the daily fee. Not only does it go for a good cause (our Park system), but there has been a rash of break ins at the free parking area.

Here is a cool 3D image from TopoFusion, some excellent software that I am trying out.

When the trails around Colorado Springs get snowed in, I start to spend my mountain bike riding time down at the Pueblo South Shore trail system located within the Lake Pueblo State Park. The trails consist of mostly mellow, and fun singletrack on the upper and lower sections. Those sections are interconnected in places by technical gullies, which vary in difficulty from a intermediate level to double black diamond, meaning wicked and scary.

The trails are composed of dirt, loose shale rock, and in the gullies, it’s ledges, drops, rock slab, and a lot strategically placed rocks so that the technical moves can be completed.
My favorite way to ride the trails is to do laps up and down the gullies, going up the more moderate gullies, and going down the more difficult ones. There are some very long singletrack trails that allow you to really get some mileage in, but I always go for the technical stuff. It’s like running wind sprints for a couple of hours, so it can be very tiring on the anaerobic system. Plus the technical stuff can put a good beating on the body, it takes a lot of work to maneuver the bike around doing all the moves and absorbing the jack hammering terrain.
My favorite trails are Lower Dog, Skull Canyon, Hooters Canyon, Rattlesnake, Keyhole Canyon and Bones.

I am reviewing a really nice map and guide of the area, created by Western Maps out of Colorado Springs , refer to

Here are some short video’s of the area:

Hooters Canyon, Pueblo South Shore, CO from Brian Mullin on Vimeo.

Mountain biking – Pueblo South Shore Trails from Brian Mullin on Vimeo.

Other non Pueblo video’s:

Stupid Trail, Monument Colorado (higher resolution) from Brian Mullin on Vimeo.

GoPro Hero Test Video’s – Monument Preserve, CO from Brian Mullin on Vimeo.

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