Big Snowstorm of 2009

by Brian Mullin on March 27, 2009

The Front yard

After having many weeks of very nice 60-70 degree weather, we finally got a big snow dumper for this year. I got around 10 inches at my house, but with the wind there were a lot of 2 foot drifts, which sometime were right next to dry ground!

We have had a very dry winter so far, and a lot of trails was bone dry, which could have given us some fire problems soon. I was liking having the ability to go up on some of my high foothills trails, it allows me to do some rides almost a month earlier than usual. It will be several weeks before I can get back to them since the 14+ inches up in Monument along with the large drifting will make them impassable.

In the morning I did some snow blowing of the driveway, the sidewalk, and 3 neighbors sidewalks, and then it was time to get back to work. I am glad I have the ability to WAH (work at home).

At lunch when the sun came out, I thought it would be fun to ride around in the yard. It was fun in places, but the deep wind drifts were getting sticky and hard to plow through, although I tried my darnedest to punch them. I also did some video taping which I will edit tonight. I noticed that the VIO POV 1.5 video camera that I am testing gave some weird green shimmers in places, most likely due to the very bright conditions from the snow and sun.

The Back Yard – Pre Bike Ride
The Back Yard – Post Bike Ride

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