Interbike 2009 – Indoor day 2

by Brian Mullin on September 26, 2009

American Classic
American Classic has updated their mountain bike wheelset with a few new tweaks. Foremost is that the rim is now tubeless. I have a set of their All Mountain wheels, and I have used a rim strip to run them tubeless, and it was hit and miss getting tires to work. So the new tubeless rims are a welcome change. The rims come in either white or black, while the hubs are a very cool red! The new rims are wider, deeper and lighter, and the new geometry has increased stiffness. They come in both 26 and 29 inch sizes.

I had a very nice technical walk through of the new wheels by the President, founder, engineer and techno geek Bill Shook. Bill led me through some interesting engineering features of their products that relate to the wheels. The IS disc brake interface posts on the hub are slightly raised, which aids keeping the rotors from getting warped.

Instead of using brass nipples Bill uses aluminum nipples, which are extremely lightweight and hence reduce rotational weight. He extended the body of the nipple so that the threads go slightly past where the nipple is cradled in the rim, so that the nipple is held in compression instead of tension, which reduces fatigue and breakage.

While I was at their booth Jenny Fletcher, their sponsored triathlete was signing autographs, so I got one for my daughter, and of course I got one for my basement bike shop! Jenny was really nice, and down to earth, and we yakked on about training and such.


The long awaited GoPro HD HERO was on display at Interbike, and the multiple TV monitors around their booth had some very luscious video running. I got to speak with a whole slew of GoPro people, and I even had a long conversation with the man himself, founder and CEO Nicholas Woodman. Nick is a really great guy, and he is very psyched about their new product. GoPro spent a lot of R&D time on the HD HERO, and they not only worked on the video, but also on the audio, to help keep down wind noise when riding at Mach 10.

It was very sweet to hold the new camera in my hands and play around with it. The camera is just slightly larger than its predecessor, and uses the same old mounting hardware, except the new housing is obviously larger to accommodate the new camera. The camera looks almost exactly the same, with the small screen, LED light and the 2 buttons. The small screen still has its information upside down as you progress through its settings using the buttons.

What is hugely different is that you can now shoot HD with the HERO. You can shoot in 1080p (widescreen) at 30fps, 960p (full frame) at 30fps, and 720p at either 30 fps or 60 fps. The 60 fps allows slow motion, how cool is that! The camera angle is different in each format, so 1080p is 127 degrees, while 920p and 720p are at 170 degrees. And hold on to your horses, memory is now up to a 32GB capacity!

One of the other great things that have done, is that the camera has an internal rechargeable Lithium Ion 1100mah battery. The back of the camera has an expansion port, that will allow optional expansion packs (called Bakpacs) to be connected. The current Bakpacs list is a LCD screen, and a battery extender.

The sensor is .4 inch HD CMOS with 2.2 micrometer pixels, and the video format is H.264 compression, which is saved as a MP4 file.

Recording times are:
12min/GB for 1080p
14min/GB for 960p
16min/GB for 720p/30fps
11min/GB for 720p/60fps.

HD settings:
1080p – 1920×1080 pixels, 127 degree viewing
960p – 1280×960 pixels, 170 degree viewing
720p – 1280×720 pixels, 170 degree viewing

For more technical mumbo jumbo refer to:

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