Fi’zi:k Cyrano – First Look

by Brian Mullin on October 13, 2009

The fi’zi:k Cyrano is fi’zi:k’s first foray into the seatpost business, and it is definitely full of innovations. The Cyrano is a nice looking seatpost, with some neat etching and graphics, which subtlety play into its smooth lines. The Cyrano tube is made from 3D forged 7075 aluminum, and uses thicker walls fore and aft for strength, and thinner walls on the sides for weight savings.

For additional weight savings, the bottom portion that inserts into the seat tube has thinner walls, and the bottom end is cut at an angle with more material towards the front where the force is leveraged while seated. Another interesting innovation is a small silicone ring, that marks the seatpost insertion height, and will also keep the gunk from getting into the seat tube.

The steel two bolt clamp system is a nicely engineered and is full of mini innovations. The thumbwheel performs angle adjustment, while the rear bolts snugs it down. It works somewhat like the yoke clamp system found on weight weenie posts, so you have to loosen one bolt and tighten on the other, back and forth until the angle and saddle are snug. Saddle insertion is quite easy, and the saddle rails just easily pop into the clamp slots.

The bottom clamp is long, which helps cradle the saddle rails, which is advantageous for fragile hollowed tube and carbon rails, or those with odd shapes, such as fi’zi:k own ovaloid carbon rails. The top clamp is shorter, which allows the saddle to be positioned farther fore or aft. The bottom clamp needs to be longer, since that is where most of the load gets exerted.

Fi’zi:k Cyrano specs
Sizes 27.2, 30.9, 31.6, 34.9
Lengths 270, 350, 400
MSRP approx. $100

Fi’zi:k also has some new mountain bike grips coming out, they are dubbed the X-Country Grip for now. The grips come with an additional cover, so you can swap in either black or white/gray. The lock-on grips have a nice look and feel to them.

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