Let it Snow!

by Brian Mullin on October 30, 2009

I am catching up on my new bike stuff that has arrived at the house the last couple of weeks (post Interbike), but testing is on the back burner for a bit due to the heavy snow conditions on the local trails. I will have some pictures, and ‘First Look’ asap.

So the latest round of snow in Colorado was very spotty, and the further down towards Colorado Springs you got, the smaller the snowfall amounts were, Denco got hammered! We got around 10-12″ at my house, but the blizzard conditions made lots of big drifts in spots, and left my driveway, mostly dry!

Castle Rock: 19.3″
Conifer: 42.0″
Denver (Official): 14.2″
Evergreen: 40.0″
Fort Collins 18.5″
Highlands Ranch: 24.5″
Pinecliff: 46.0″ WOW!
Colorado Springs 7″
Colorado Springs (central) 4″
Woodland Park 20″
Monument 16-20″
Pueblo West 4″

My Son was very stoked this morning when he found out that he didn’t have to go to school for a third day in a row. He is only in the morning half day kindergarten, so if the school district calls a 2 hour delay for snow, then he has no school, how lucky is that! So what’s the news of the world?

I watched another wild video from the uber trial/stunt man Danny MacAskill, this time it’s a VW commercial

Here is his infamous video that most everyone has already seen:

Maybe it’s time to get some trials practice in this Winter?

Then I saw that he is out for 5 weeks with an injury, can we say oops! “Danny MacAskill Bike stunts hero Danny MacAskill takes a tumble.. tripping on kerbstone”

So in Britspeak kerbstone is curbstone, tyre is tire, fanny is ##### (This is the word for a woman’s front bits, so don’t use it in the UK). Smacking someones fanny takes on a whole new meaning!

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