Turbospoke Review

by Brian Mullin on December 27, 2009

Did you ever use clothes pins to attach playing cards to your fork or chain/seat stays so that they stuck into the spokes? It made a lovely clicking noise as you zoomed down the street. It might be an age thing since I grew up in the 60’s, but I sure loved doing it when I was a kid? I put them on my lovely banana seat Sting Ray as I recall?

The other day I was poking around somewhere in Cyber world, and I came upon a product that was a tricked out version of the same thing, the Turbospoke!

The Turbo Spoke is just a small plastic holder that clamps to your chain stay. You insert these industrial strength cards (in place of playing cards) into the holder and out into the spokes, and then there is a fake plastic exhaust pipe that amplifies the sound.

These ‘Motocards’ utilizes three different versions to give you a slightly different tone. You can also adjust their  insertion point into the spokes for more sound adjustability. The cards are named the T100, T250 and T500, and the varying shapes give rise to “different engine sounds”, well at least that what they call it? It certainly doesn’t thump like my Aprilia V-Twin or my old Ducati 916? However, they are just playing cards hooked up to a fake plastic exhaust pipe!

The exhaust pipe does sort of look like my Aprilia Tuono, and it even has a big bore pipe to mimic a motorbike. The kit does come with a slew of stickers (flames, etc.) so you can accentuate your exhaust pipe if you wanted, but I liked it just plain. Now if my daughter got a hold of the stickers, it would be blinged to the max!

The video sort of gives you an idea into the unique sound of the unit, and it does have a sort of motorbike sound to it, especially coming out of the exhaust pipe.

I doubt it will stay on my bike for very long, but it was kind of fun breezing around the neighborhood with it on my bike. I am sure more than a few people thought I was slightly deranged (which I am). It should morph its way onto my kid’s bikes very shortly, right where it belongs! 


It’s cheap, fun and sort of silly, but it was a total hoot. The Turbospoke brought back vivid memories of hooking playing cards onto my bike. I think any kid or a silly adult will get a kick out of this unit!

Does It make a unobtainium bike look trick?

MSRP – $24.98


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