Won a Photo Contest at Moots!

by Brian Mullin on December 12, 2009

I won a photo contest last week that Moots was doing, how cool is that.
Moots Owner’s Club Newsletter
Happy Holidays!
The holidays are here! Send us your very best holiday photo (extra bonus points if it is bike related, double extra bonus points for Moots holiday related) for a chance to win the most expensive ti cyclocross cowbell known to man! I have (3) Ti-Bells lovingly crafted out of the finest PiTech 3/2.5 alloy seamless titanium for the 3 Mootsers with the best shots submitted before Thanksgiving.
My lovely daughter Rachel took the following winning picture last year at Thanksgiving when we had a monster 26 inch snowstorm. The biking was fine until you had to turn! Very deep powder, that was at least light and fluffy.
And here is the Moot’s cowbell, aka Ti-Bell! And the sucker is loud, as my son found out when he wouldn’t get out of bed this morning.
I can’t wait to take it to a cyclocross event and clang away! It reminds me of the loud noise makers they have in Europe for ski races. My daughter asked if I was going to attach it to my bike and replace my mini bear bell?
I got out the other day for a short ride when the weather turned sunny and got to a balmy 18 degrees. It seemed sort of warm after having below zero and single digit days for almost a week. Today was a heat wave of 39! I made sure this ride to wear warm gloves. It’s easy to take off extra clothing if your torso gets warm, but if your hands get cold you are asking for trouble. I found that out earlier in the week on a windy 10 degree day when I got frost nip on a couple of fingers when I was wearing inadequate gloves, lessen learned! Furthermore, those pocket sized hand warmers don’t help much when the temperature is in the single digits? My fingers were hurting for almost 2 days, oops. My wife thinks I am crazy for going out in inclement weather.

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