Velo Cache Bicycle Storage Stand Review

by Brian Mullin on March 21, 2010

For the last several months, I have been testing and enjoying the sweet Velo Cache and Rakk Bicycle Storage Stand from Feedback Sports. The storage rack allows you to hang 2 bikes (optional to 4) from its strong and well made aluminum column, through the use of their dual rubberized arms. It’s perfect for the garage, home shop or in the house, but hopefully not your bedroom? It’s free standing, so there is no need mar the walls or ceiling. An excellent product to free up floor space!

The 2 piece columnar rack is made of anodized aluminum for strength, durability and weight, and comes in black or silver. The basic 2 bike model has a 3 legged base, while the optional 4 bike version uses 4 legs for additional stability. Each bike is cradled with a set of 2 steel arms, that have a rubberized holder at their end to protect the bike frame. The arms can slide up and down the main column, and can be set height independently depending on the frames geometry or needs of the user.


  • Height: 84″ (2130 mm )
  • Base footprint: 2 bike – 23″ x 32.5″ (580 mm x 830 mm ), 4 bike – 36.5″ x 38″ (925mm x 965mm)
  • Support arm length: 10″ (250 mm )
  • Column width: 4″ triangle (100mm)
  • Load capacity: 40 lbs. per cradle set (18 kg)
  • Weight: 2 bike – 22.5 lbs. (10.2 kg), 4 bike – 27.8 lbs. (12.6kg)


Putting the rack together took a little longer than expected considering how few parts there were, but once it was bolted up, it was incredibly sturdy and bomber. Basically, you bolt up through a bottom plate, then the legs and into the bottom of the column. It took some effort to get the bolts lined up through the legs and meshed (tough part) into the lower column. The version for 2 bikes uses 3 half length legs, while the 4 bike uses 2 half length and 1 full length leg (pseudo 2 legs). The two main column sections are then bolted together with a simple plate and a set of screws.

The cradle arms are attached on the back of the unit with small screws and a rectangular plate that fit in 2 long grooves located on the rear. Getting the screws aligned and into the plates was a bit tricky, else the plate would drop out of place. I found a center punch helped to hold things in place while clamping things together. Once attached, the arms can be moved up and down as desired. I did not like the use of Phillips head for the screws, which purposely are made to cam out (Phillips were engineered that way), and it seems prone to issues? I would prefer some Hex or Torx heads? The arms will likely not end up being parallel with each other due to the shapes of a frame, so it might take a few trials to get them set properly.


The footprint taken up by the 3 legs is a tad smaller than the 4, but the additional stability of the 4 is worth the loss of floor space (its not much). In addition you can add the extra arms for 4 bikes when desired. The 3 legs do allow a closer proximity to a wall for the rack.

The arms are nice and rubberized so nothing harms the frame, but the scooped ends might be a tad tall (2.5″ but squishy), and may not squeeze into some oddly shaped frames? It a simple to task to put the bike on the arms, you just sort of plop it on them, although the pedals can bang into the column on occasion depending on the crank arm alignment. I did use the arms quite a bit when I was working on tires.

The arms sort of cradled the wheels, so I could work on things, and they sat at a nice and useful waist height. Setting up tubeless tires with this method was a breeze, with easy access to open the valve stem to add sealant, while keeping the wheel stable and vertical. You could also toss things on them when needed, as a sort of hanging rack?

I tossed all my bikes on and off the unit, and as long as the ground was stable I never any problems nor issues. There is a small leveling rubber screw on the bottom of one leg, to even things out if required. The unit is a tall, but it is easy enough to move around for different placements or rooms. It can hold 40 lbs bike in each arm set, and even when placing bikes high or low, the legs and column kept everything nice and stable.


Feedback Sports also sent along another storage and display stand, named the Rakk. The Rakk is a small and unobtrusive unit, which is sort of a high tech kick stand, that you usually see in bike stores. They can be daisy chained together, for multiple bikes. It easily folds up into a compact unit, and it can hold almost any bike made (not giant snow tires).

Weight: 5.3 lbs. (2.27kg)
Size: 17.5″ tall x 13″ x 13.5″, 3″ tall when collapsed

It is simple to use, just place the rear tire in the bottom slot, give a good hard push (especially for fat tires), and let the wedge cradle the back of the tire and the bike is held with decent stability. The arm is spring loaded, so it will easily pop onto the tire. I have never had a bike fall over in one as yet? I really liked it for temporary storage when I need to place a bike out of the way. I started to use it for basic storage of the bike that I happened to be riding more regularly, whatever was the flavor of the week. It was an extremely handy stand for around the house and garage, and you might even bring it along for base camp on road trips or at races. No longer do you need to lean a bike up against something, just waiting for it to fall over? The Rakk gives you a secure, useful and fairly cheap stand to hold a bike.

Bottom Line

I have mostly used the Velo Cache freestanding rack in my indoor home shop and storage area, but anywhere you store bikes (usually a garage) it will be a great addition. It frees up storage space and keeps the bikes out of the harms way. The adjustable rubberized arms protect a bike, and the movement allows varying frame shapes and sizes to be held. I really enjoyed the ability to use the arms as a wheel holder, which was not an engineered in function! The sturdy legs, heavy duty materials, impeccable build, and great engineering all add up to another excellent product from Feedback Sports. The small Rakk stand was a very handy unit, and I was extremely happy with it, it was the one that used quite a bit for my “go to” bike.


  • Sturdy
  • Well built
  • Rubberized arms
  • Multiple uses for arms
  • Handy (Rakk)


  • Phillips head screws
  • Rubber arm scoops might be to tall for some frames

Velo Specs

  • 2 Bike stand: black or silver – $169.99
  • Gear Storage Basket: load capacity 10 lbs. – $24.99
  • 4-bike expansion kit: 4 arms and long leg – black or silver – $39.99
  • Arm cradle pair – $21.99

Rakk Specs

  • Black, silver or white – $41.99

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