Sea Otter 2010 – Hayes Prime Brake

by Brian Mullin on April 29, 2010

I got a nice technical walkthrough of the soon to be released Hayes Prime brake system by their Disc Brake Product Manager Joel Richardson. The brakes look very trick and some of the features are interesting, but some hands on time with the brakes will be the final judgment! Better adjustability and more power are the two key things that I liked!

Their new pop cam system will give the user more adjustability, in both stroke and reach. The dead stroke adjustment, which is the lever stroke where the brake pads come in contact with the rotor, is done with a small dial that can be changed with an index finger on the fly. The tool free reach adjustment is up in its usual spot by the pivots, and is supposed to be easier to use with gloved fingers. Something unique is that the dual pivots are not two fixed points, but have a constant pivot point so that the lever advantage doesn’t change with reach changes. This pivot system should give the same feel, responsiveness and performance with any stroke or reach combination.

Hayes Prime – Reach and Stroke Adjusters

They enlarged the piston size of the calipers, which should mean the same clamp pressure should have a noticeable increase in hydraulic power (same pull more power). Figures were given of a 20% increase in the hydraulic ratio over the Stroker Trail.

Hayes Prime – Larger Pistons

They have a new two piece rotor, which gives a greater torsional stiffness and lighter weight than a traditional rotor. Claimed weight of 110 grams for 160mm. Normal rotors are cast in a single piece, while floating rotors are cast in two pieces (rotor and carrier). The carrier bolts to the wheel, and the rotor is attached to the carrier using float buttons. The buttons allow the rotor to move laterally (float), but restrict the angular and rotational movement, this helps with vibration issues. Floating rotors are common on motorcycles and sport cars.

Hayes Prime – Two Piece Rotor

The Hayes Prime comes in two models, the upscale Pro and the cheaper Expert. The Pro comes with the two piece rotor, and titanium and anodized aluminum hardware. Otherwise the models are functionally the same.

Hayes Prime Pro
• Tool free dead stroke adjustment
• Four layer low expansion hose
• Two piece floating rotor
• Titanium/anodized aluminum hardware
• Laser etched graphics
• Titacon lever bushings
• Sintered metallic pads as stock
• Hose grommets as standard
• Titanium pushrod
• Premium finish and cosmetics

Hayes Prime Expert
• Tool free dead stroke adjustment
• Standard hose
• Stamped stainless steel rotor
• Aluminum/steel hardware
• Pad printed graphics
• Titacon lever bushings
• Semi-metallic pads as stock
• Hose grommets not stock
• Steel pushrod
• Standard finish

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