What’s in your bike pack?

by Brian Mullin on July 2, 2010

The other day someone asked what comprised a decent first aid kit. As I looked over what my bike first aid kit contained, I was thinking about what was in my pack. I realized I had gone through a lot of trial and error over many years for my current inventory of gear.

– Rain gear, better safe than sorry!
– Multi tool with a chain tool is a must
– Chain lube, even sunscreen and lip balm will suffice
– Wets ones or baby wipes, great for cleaning greasy or dirty hands
– Spare tube, tire lever, tire boot and tire pump
– Balaclava
– Energy bar
– Spare socks
– Chain quick connect
– First aid kit
– Emergency rear derailleur hanger

My first aid kit might seem like overkill, but I have been around a couple of accidents (sometimes myself), and wound management and comfort are paramount in many situations.

Pack Contents

SPOT satellite GPS messenger
multi tool
chain quick links
buff headband
zip ties
nail clippers
Swiss army knife
chain lube
tire pump
shock pump
spare tube
tire boot
tire levers
tube patch kit
lens cleaner
emergency rear derailleur hanger
inclement weather gear – jacket, shorts, helmet cover, rubber gloves, shoe covers
spare socks
first aid kit
lip balm
energy bars and chews
antibacterial hand wipes
shoe cleat cleaner
optional – cold weather gear

First Aid Kit

2 non-stick pads
2 gauze pads
assorted band-aid’s (2 extra large, 3 large, 2 regular, 2 small, 2 spot, 1 knuckle, 1 fingertip)
3 butterfly closures
3 safety pins
razor blade
duct tape
antibiotic ointment
Sting Eze
assorted medicine – (ibuprofen, acetaminophen, aspirin, antacid, antihistamine)
Uncle Bill’s tweezers
2 fingertip cot’s
2 Q-tips
gauze roll
athletic tape
self-adhering elastic wrap
optional – tampon

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