Vincero Design Magnetic Water Bottle System Review

by Brian Mullin on August 3, 2010

Occasionally, something a bit different, unique and intriguing comes along in the bike world, and one of that is the Vincero Design magnetic water bottle system. The system is comprised of a water bottle with a slot (female) on one side that has an embedded magnet, and it mates to a magnetized rail mount (male) which is attached via the water bottle bosses to the bike. The slot and the rail align with each other, and the strong magnetic pair keeps the bottle securely attached.

Vincero Design is located in Boulder, Colorado, and they have been designing and building products since 2008, and they are obviously a bunch of engineers, techno weenies and bike geeks. The system I tested, consisted of the edge 16 rail mount, and the s24 water bottle.

The installation of the system was simple, just attach the rail mount to the water bottle bosses with the mount’s wedge pointing down. Fill up the water bottle, and mate the bottle slot and rail mount, and it’s ready to go. I found that it was a tight fit matching up the mount’s holes with my bike water bottle bosses, and there wasn’t much wiggle room.

When I first got around to test out the system, and I was truly amazed how nice it worked. The water bottle pulled off with a slight tug (they are strong magnets), and only required about an inch of movement for it to release. The bottle has a nice drinking valve, and a gentle squeeze started a fast flow without any drips, and there was no need to pull open the valve with your teeth to get a drink. When I put the bottle back towards the mount, it seemed to get sucked right onto the wedge without me doing any positioning. It was literally three quick steps to get a drink of water, pull the bottle off, squeeze a drink and position over the mount. Even when I got it positioned slightly off the mount, with the bottle nose high, it didn’t seem to make much difference. If you get confused on the orientation of the bottle for remounting, the Vincero logo’s gives you a reference point.

Vincero Design Magnetic Water Bottle System Review from Brian Mullin on Vimeo.

It only took me a few tries of using the system, and interfacing the bottle and mount became second nature. My rides consisted of some stutter bumps, tree roots and other jarring terrain, and the bottle securely stayed on. I even took it through a short couple of rock gardens, and it never ejected (although I got ejected once).

The wedge shaped rail mount is known as the edge16, weighs 16 grams, and is made from a carbon fiber composite and uses a rare earth magnet. The edge16 is small, light and looks trick (love the carbon weave). Keep magnetic credit and ID cards, and people with pacemakers away from the strong magnetic fields of the magnet!

edge 16 Specifications

  • Weight: 16g
  • Height: 11.76mm
  • Length: 78.13mm
  • Width: 23.24mm
  • Finishes: Carbon Fiber Weave, Gloss Black

The s24 water bottle mates with the edge16 mount, utilizing an embedded rare earth magnet, and is one half of a strong magnetic pair. The s24 weighs 85 grams, has a 63mm wide mouth, uses a trick silicone valve, and is 100% BPA, DEHA, and DEHP free. The wide mouth makes it easier to pop in some ice cubes, which is good since the bottle isn’t insulated. The bottle is recyclable, and carries the Plastic Identification Code of number 4, which is for Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE).

S24 Specifications

  • Volume: 710ml (24oz.)
  • Weight: 85g
  • Height: 218.44mm (without cap)
  • Diameter: 73.02mm
  • Cap Diameter: Standard 63mm
  • Colors: Bottle – Opaque, Cap – Black, Opaque
  • MSRP: $9.95

Additional Bottles
They are going to release a 20 ounce bottle named the s20, along with an aerodynamic model called the sAERO. I think they need to add an insulated bottle version of some sort, to even out the product line?

Bottom Line
The system is amazingly easy to use, and requires three simple steps to get a drink. No longer was I required to yank the bottle out of a cage, twisting and pulling through a large amount of travel, and then jamming the bottle back into the cage when I was done. The rough terrain that I rode did not eject the bottle, so it sat securely on the mount. The S24 bottle itself had an excellent draw, without any leaks, and mated perfectly to the mount, connected through the strong pair of magnets. The edge16 mount was small and unobtrusive, and looked sweet with the carbon weave. The glaring issue, is that the system only works with the Vincero water bottle’s, since nothing else will mate with specialized edge16 magnetic mount. Although the system is slightly expensive, it does include a water bottle and the mount (pseudo cage).

The Vincero Design Magnetic Water Bottle System is innovative, with clean lines, aesthetic looks, great functionality and is just pretty darn cool.

– Light
– Excellent valve on bottle
– Easy to use

– System only works with Vincero bottles
– Expensive

Overall Rating: 4 Flamin’ Chili Peppers

MSRP: $46.95 (s24 + edge16 Package System) and $9.95 (s24 bottle)

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