American Classic at Interbike 2010

by Brian Mullin on September 24, 2010

The American Classic All Mountain wheelset that I reviewed a couple of years back, has now become their Downhill set, with the only change being the graphics, a 20mm front hub and 150mm spaced rear. It turns out they were being used by European Pro riders on the World Cup circuit, which is a testament to how tough their wheels are.

The normal cross country based tubeless wheels got some new tubeless tape, valves, and a spiffy mini buzz saw graphics alteration. The main man Bill Shook showed me their new All Mountain rims that are still being prototyped, so I saw one that was literally hot off the machine. The new rims are more like the cross country tubeless rims, and lighter than the old AM’s (which are the Downhills), but they have a thicker and beefier sidewall, for additionally stiffness and strength. The final product should be released later this year, and I am looking forward to trying them out, since they appear to be an interesting set of wheels.

Their tubeless tape is pretty cool looking, and sort of looks like clear wrapping plastic for presents. They also have an ultra trick tubeless valve, with a unique system, in which the rubber o-ring rolls up back up into the bottom of the valve head when it is compressed, instead of getting smooshed down. The valve seals better, and shouldn’t leak, and that always seems to be a spot of contingency.

Bill showed me their new addition to their rear hubs, a 142×12, which he really likes, from both an installation and strength standpoint. Their rear hubs can be interchangeable with quite a few formats, with an axle swap out.

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