Ashima at Interbike 2010

by Brian Mullin on September 30, 2010

Wayne over at the Ashima booth had a couple of interesting new toys on display. The D-Matrix rotor (still in design) uses an aluminum core surrounded by a steel braking surface. The aluminum dissipates heat extremely well, and the steel is durable, and they work in concert to create a fade and warp resistant system, with good bite. It’s a pretty trick rotor, that is light, with a lot of functional design features, and I can’t wait to try one of these suckers out!

The Ashima AiRotors now come in a myriad of colors from red, white, black, gold, blue and plain. Quite a few pro racers are using on them on their bikes, regardless of the brake brand.

The long awaited PCB or Pancake Brake should finally be available, and Wayne brought me my first non-beta version to test out. The PCB has no pistons, and instead operates using a diaphragm seal. The design is very simple, lightweight, and has very thin calipers (25mm).

The piston less design, gives an excellent response, simpler manufacturing, and has an equivalent area of a 21mm piston, enhanced modulation and doesn’t have issues with sticky pistons. Wayne is also working on a road PCB version, and he showed me that brake, and an interesting stem he is working on, in which the hydraulic lines are routed through the body.

The Super Noodle (is that a Porno?) is a direct replacement for the steel or aluminum V Brake noodle, and allows cable housing to be used to the very end. This should offer smoother and crisper braking, especially considering that the contamination is greatly decreased.

The last new product at Ashima that I found intriguing was the Fer-Flex, which is a totally tricked out ferrule. The long nose has a ball and socket for better efficiency, while the body of the ferrule is flexible for better routing, which will really be useful for those tight bends just before the rear derailer. To compliment the Fer-Flex is their new ReAction professional grade housing and cable (brake and derailer), with functional features like a Kevlar braid, high strength and low compression, and silky smooth operation. It’s joined by the mid grade Action+, and entry level Action.

Here is their Centra-Lite lightweight center/IS adapter for rotors.

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elmtbengancha October 3, 2010 at 4:43 pm


how light are the centerlock adapters?



Brian Mullin - Gram and Pastajet October 3, 2010 at 5:03 pm

I didn't have my scale with me, but they were pretty light.


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