DT Swiss at Interbike 2010

by Brian Mullin on September 23, 2010

DT Swiss is revamping a good portion of their product line, and they are sweeping in wheelsets, hubs and forks that have price points that more consumers will find acceptable. They have always been known for their quality and Swiss craftmanship, but the uber pricing structure made their products unattainable for a good deal of the buying public. They have added a new hub family known as the350-series, and it still retains most of their technology, like the star ratchet and alloy body, but it’s heavier and sourced elsewhere.

It has been mated up to their new X1600 and X1800 wheelsets, which are an affordable and still pretty trick set, and the 24mm wide X1600 looks like an excellent product. Even the newer Tricon wheels get a cost effective cousin, the R1700 and M1700. The freeride crowd will love the new FR2050 wheelset, which went on a 200 gram weight reducing diet, and the graphics now state ‘Ride Free’.

Once 29er’s were allowed to race in Europe, and especially when they started to win, the continent has finally accepted the fact that 29er’s are a worthwhile investment, and not just a North American oddity. DT Swiss has added a few more 29er wheelsets to their inventory, and it will be followed by suspension forks later in the year. Currently, the only 29er fork is the all carbon XR Rigid, which is a totally tricked out and uber light fork. The carbon weave and sheen is very pretty, and pictures don’t do it justice.

The new M1800 All Mountain 29er is a welcome addition, and the 26mm wide rims, will have 9 and 15mm front options, making them great wheels for an entire slew of bikes and fork on the market.

Their fork suite has been going through some major changes since last year, and those alterations are finally making to their way to the market place. The entire line travel from 100mm to 150mm, the EXC (130,150), and XMC (120,140), and the new EXM (130,150), XMM (120,140), XRC (100) and XC (80,100). The ending ‘C’ designates them is having Carbon lowers, while the ‘M’ is Magnesium (good price point). The EX series gets the Launch Control II damping system, while the XR and XM series uses their new Twin Shot damping system.

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