GoPro at Interbike 2010

by Brian Mullin on September 29, 2010

GoPro always has some wicked new toy’s at Interbike, and their new Wearable 3D capturing system was quite a treat. The 3D HERO Housing and Sync Cable kit, uses a dual enclosure, that holds a set of HD HERO 1080p cameras (not included with the kit), with an internal camera genlock cable for synchronizing them. Once the footage is captured, you then use a 3D editing software like Neo3D from Cineform, or some other software vendor.

I think it might give you a neck ache after wearing the unit for any period of time?

I put on some 3D glasses at the GoPro booth and watched some video footage, and it certainly added a lot of depth and realism to the activities. The enclosure retails for $99, but you will need the two HD HERO’s at $300 each. Not a cheap investment, but it will certainly add some interesting flavor to your sport video’s. I am not sure how the end product will look on the community video sites, since there could be some loss of pertinent information during a download? It is a new medium, so the sites may eventually catch up. The 3D format will make home videos on your big screen a pretty nifty experience, and I will be interested to see how it tests out.

GoPro just released the HD HERO 960, which is a simpler version of the full blown 1080p model, at an excellent $180 price point. They dropped the 1080p and 720p 60fps modes, and the HERO Bus expansion port, which would allow their BacPac to be used. The camera can record in 960p (my preferred shooting mode), 720p and SD video resolutions, uses the same battery and mounting system, and housing. I am currently testing the unit, and I think it’s a great idea, since 1080p just doesn’t work very well in the rough mountain biking environment, since it gives you too much jellovision.

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