Gore Bike Wear Freeride Shorts Review

by Brian Mullin on September 10, 2010

I have been enjoying the 2010 Gore Bike Wear Freeride Shorts, as they are a nice set of baggies that are comfortable, with excellent ventilation, and a Uber plushy padded removable inner chamois liner.

The shorts are cut with a long 12.2 inch inseam, have stretch inserts, abrasion resistant material at wear spots, an elastic waistband with drawstring and Velcro closures, two pockets, reflective piping, front and zippered side ventilation mesh, and come in five sizes. The removable inner shorts use a mesh elastic, with gripper material at the hems, and a padded chamois insert.

The Freeride’s is some of the nicest mountain bike specific shorts, I have used, and they have lots of style, are highly functional and use a plethora of apparel engineering. The shorts are comfortable, have an extreme amount of ventilation, and utilize stretchy material throughout, except for the high wear zones in the crotch and inner thighs, where a tougher material is used. Most of the short uses an elastic material with four-way stretch panels, so it stretches all over the place, giving comfort and maneuverability, without any pinch spots. In the crotch, down the inner legs, and up towards the back it has tougher wear resistant and durable material, for the abrasion that a saddle tosses out, and for encounters with the ground (sitting and crashing). The stretchiness was certainly welcome, as it notched up the comfort level, and the abrasion profuseness helped with the longevity and durability.

The mesh inserts that reside just below the front waist are like mini air conditioners, and really help draw air into the shorts and to the inner pants, helping to be temperate. The side ventilation zippers are nice, and you can adjust them for varying temperatures and weather, but I must admit that I have always left them open, since I enjoyed the draw of additional air. Since I wasn’t able to ride them in cold weather, I can’t comment if there is too much venting when the temperature drops?

The waist has an elastic section at the back, and uses two Velcro adjustments at the hip, and then an inner draw string that helps correctly fit the waistband. It was simple to alter the tightness of the waist with Velcro, and micro adjusts were easily made. It has a front zipper, and a buttoned Velcro closure, for calls of nature, and easy on and off. The length is nice, and the cut is baggy for maximum comfort. At the hem of the legs, a satin material is used, so that the pants glides on the legs while riding. I appreciated the small detail of the satin hem, as the pants movement never hindered my rhythm nor bothered me.

It has a small pocket on the upper back, and a cargo one down on the right thigh. The larger pocket is nice with lighter items, but anything that is too heavy, gets bounced around due to its low positioning. I do wish they had added another big pocket on the left side?

I wore Lycra shorts for most of my biking careers, and loved the fit and snugness, and the comfort that the padded chamois offered, sort of a mini pillow for my bony butt. The Freeride’s inner pants has that same girdle like feel as Lycra shorts, so that fit snugly, with enough elastic give to be comfortable, and still be supportive. The Uber comfy four-way stretch Chamois padding is quite thick, giving rise to shock absorption and plushness, which in turn allows more comfortable and longer rides, and lessens rider fatigue. I enjoyed the padding on rough terrain, and long days in the saddle, and my butt was a much happier camper.

It utilizes silicone gripping material at the hems, to keep the liner in place, and doesn’t yank any hairs while doing its duty. The inner pants hangs or attaches to the main shorts with a thin red webbing that clips shut with delicate snaps, and although I haven’t had any issues with them as yet, I wish they were a bit more robust.

Bottom Line
The Gore Bike Wear Freeride shorts are a pretty darn sweet, and they are stylish, functional and have a plethora of features. The baggy shorts are comfortable, stretchy, and are abrasion tough where it’s needed. They offer lots of ventilation, in the form of mesh panels and zippered vents, which really helps with the cooling for the inner shorts. The inner shorts is comfortable, with a soft thick Chamois for ultra plushness, for more cushioning on long rides and rougher terrain. They need an additional cargo pocket, and are slightly expensive, though close in price point to their competition.

Gore Bike Wear has done some great work on this set of shorts, and they are high quality, high performance and extremely functional. They are comfy enough to forget you are wearing them?

– Comfortable
– Wear zones for durability and longevity
– Stretchy for comfort and maneuverability
– Excellent venting system
– Satin hem
– Thick and plush Chamois liner for maximum comfort

– Pricey
– Venting may be chilly for colder weather?
– Inner hanger web and clips – questionable longevity?
– Additional cargo pocket

MSRP: $149

Overall Rating: 4.5 Flamin’ Chili Peppers

Gore Bike Wear Freeride Shorts – Company Specs
Robust MTB shorts: Offer maximum protection and ventilation for all serious off-road cyclists. Removable inner tights with elastic seat insert.

* Stretch inserts for optimum freedom of movement
* Frictionless inner material for better freedom of movement
* Abrasion resistant material at inside leg and saddle area
* Inseam length 12.2 inches
* Partly elastic waistband with Velcro closure and draw cord to adjust width
* Front zip
* Button placket
* Side zip pocket
* Zip pocket on back
* Side mesh inserts for ventilation, adjustable with zip
* Removable inner shorts with elastic seat padding
* Advanced – Men Seat Pad
* Less chafing and more comfort due to elastic seat pad
* Inner pants with partial mesh inserts for optimum ventilation
* Inner pants with gripper elastic at hem
* Reflective piping on back
* Reflective logo on side
* Sizes – S,M,L,XL,XXL

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Anonymous September 23, 2010 at 3:17 am

Great blog post, been looking for that..



Anonymous February 19, 2011 at 12:08 am

Hi : )

Purchasing on line or in-store? which usually do you realy prefer? actually wondering lol.. i love in-store as i hate waiting it to arrive!

Thanks for your insight


Brian Mullin - Gram and Pastajet February 21, 2011 at 7:44 am

I like to get them in the store, but it can tough to locate them sometimes.


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