Interbike 2010: 2011 Yeti ASR 575 – Ride Impression

by Brian Mullin on September 22, 2010

Yeti has redesigned their venerable 575 for 2011. They have tweaked the rear triangle, and have borrowed technology learned from the ASR 7 for the chainstays, and have mated it to the 575 carbon seatstays. The new chainstay mounted E-Type front derailer, helps with smoother and snappier shifting. It has been upgraded to include a tapered headtube, ISG mounts, an adjustable seatpost cable guide, two double row main pivot bearings for durability, and uses a chip styled dropout for the versatility of using either 135 or 142mm axles.

The luster of the carbon stands out really well in the black color, and has the same sheen quality as the ASR 5C. One interesting minor detail is that the tire rear triangle should be able to tolerate some pretty fat tires.

Note: the following is a one ride impression, although I do have some familiarity with the 575 product line form previous rides.

I thoroughly enjoyed my short test ride on the 575, and I wasn’t really expecting much of a change from the previous year’s models, but it’s surprising how some minor tweaks can make a great synergistic alteration. The 2011 Yeti 575 is a pretty stout beast, and it is immediate apparent that the rear end has become stiffer in comparison to its predecessor. Pulling up stair stepped bumps and rock ramps, and through loose debris, or tossing it down steep ugly terrain, did not alter the composure of the 575, as it adhered to the ground like it had claws. Loose chunky switchbacks, felt effortless, and the bike glided its way up and down, never missing a beat.

The bike has lost a tad of the classic Yeti top heavy feel, and has a slightly lower bottom bracket (though I didn’t hit the pedals more often), which helps with flickability, but it still rides with the unmistakable Yeti feel. The down tube got meatier, and along with the tapered headtube, has added some front end strength and stability. The new frame did gain some weight at 7.2 lbs, but I was hard pressed to tell any difference. The bike comes in white and black, and for a short period of time, a 25 anniversary paint scheme (only 250 versions).

* Revised rear triangle with ASR-7 chainstays mated to the 575′s carbon seatstays
* Tapered head tube for a stiffer front-end
* ISCG ’05 mounts for running a chain guide or Truvativ Hammerschmidt
* Cable guides for running an adjustable seatpost
* Direct-mount front derailleur (E-type)
* Lower BB height
* Available 135mm QR axle or 142mm with 12mm thru-axle
* Frame weight: 7.2 lbs

Don’t mess with the Yeti!

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