POC at Interbike 2010

by Brian Mullin on September 27, 2010

The Swedish based POC company was predominantly a snow sport protection company, that has been delving into the bike protection world, and they have always had safety at the forefront of their research and technology. They were showing their very trick Trabec mountain bike helmet, which comes in two flavor’s, the Trabec Race and Trabec. The helmet extends down the back of the neck, and it uses Aramid combined with EPS foam for protection. They borrowed its construction from how the human skeleton is built, which is spongy and resilient, but it works in a synergistic manner to offer strength, resistance and durability. The outer polycarbonate shell has optimized sections that don’t have seams in the most vulnerable areas, and its bonded to the reinforced core, for strength and lightweight. Retail for the Race version is $175.

POC also offers an entire line of protection and apparel for biking, including helmets, gloves, armor and goggles.

I was very enamored with their soft armor series, the Joint VPD, which includes a shin, elbow and knee version. It’s well built, and offers enough protection for anything short of freeriding.

For the gravity crowd, they have a new hydration pack called the Spine VPD, which is a full length, and includes a wide back brace that uses their VPD (Visco Elastic Polymer Dough) shock absorption padding. VPD is highly dampening, and uses a PU foam that is soft, comfortable and adapts to the users back, but when impacted the material stiffens and can absorb a prodigious amount of energy. (Update: Nov 2010) POC has partnered with Hydrapak to use their 3 Liter Reversible Reservoir as the default bladder in the Spine VPD Hydration Pack.

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