Prestacycle at Interbike 2010

by Brian Mullin on September 24, 2010

Prestacycle makes the very functional and useful Prestaflator 2go, which is basically a trigger operated air chuck with an air pressure gauge, that makes for easy bike tire fillings from an air tank or compressor. Their new product is the Prestaflator 2go, which is a portable high pressure Nitrogen tire filler. You load the unit up with Nitrogen, and with a simple preset of the desired pressure, it loads each tire up without any fuss. With a full load, it can fill 40 road bike tires to 120psi, though a slightly fewer numbers of mountain bikes, due to the larger air volume. The unit retails at $129.99. Filling tires with Nitrogen gives more consistent pressures (temperature fluctuations exacerbate the problems), they stay inflated longer, and tires don’t heat up as much. Downhill racers have confirmed tire heat is also a problem for them, not just road riders, so the use of Nitrogen can give a beneficial time advantage.

They also had a trick little tire lever, which seemed to work really well. It is made of tough nylon, has a good hook to grab the bead, and then it helps to hold the bead up and off, as you pull the lever around the rim.

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