uvex xp 100 Review

by Brian Mullin on December 19, 2010

The uvex (pronounced ew-vex) xp 100 helmet has been my main noggin protection for three months, and I have found it to be lightweight, comfortable, easily adjustable, with a large brim and excellent rear protection. The German made helmet has a plethora of features, that add not only to its safety, but to the comfort and usability of the wearer, plus I liked the wicked skull graphics.

The xp 100 has a lot of nice features, mostly in regard to the fitting and adjustability system. It uses their proprietary IAS 3D+ ring (Internal Adaptive System), which is a rear mounted dial driven adjustable retention system. The system allows easy circumferential (length and width) and height adjustments, and can accommodate a wide range of head sizes, and headgear thicknesses used for inclement weather conditions. Simply twirl the dial, and the system tightens or loosens around the head.

The chin strap, named the Monomatic, is a button and ratchet closure system, which allows easy micro adjustments, and includes a nice wraparound pad for comfort.

There are extra large vents for cooling, and the front ones feature mesh panels to stop bugs from getting sucked into the inner helmet cavity. The straps come through the shell and are secured by toggles on the outside. A neat feature is the ability to swap the toggles for special ones that let you mount uvex LED’s to the helmet – rear-facing red centrally located at the back, and two forward-facing white ones on either side at the front.

The helmet is constructed with the industry standard in-mould microshell, which has a thick inner foam and a thin outer plastic protective shell. The foam is made with the shock-absorbing polystyrene (expandable polystyrene foam or EPS) material. The outer shell is split into two large pieces, and is made from the Makrolon polycarbonate material, which is the same impact-resistant material that Uvex’s eyewear lenses are made from. The shell has been extremely rugged, and has shown no signs of wear nor abuse, which is a testament to the tough Makrolon material.



The first thing you notice when using the helmet is how easy it is to adjust it. A simple twirl of the IAS wheel and you can tighten or loosen the helmet around your head. It was quite easy to adjust the helmet’s tightness, even when wearing gloves, and on bouncy trails. I found it very beneficial to change the fit on the fly to suit the riding conditions, from mellower to more technical. I regularly ride with a helmet video camera, and when going through rougher terrain it’s nice to be able to crank the helmet tightly for good stabilization and isolation. The padding was quite pleasant, and I especially liked the thick pads at the front and apex of the helmet. They have vastly improved the padding on the IAS section, and it is now soft enough for even shaved head.

I thoroughly enjoyed the Monomatic closure system, which is a ratchet and button chin strap. It was incredibly easy to make small micro adjustments into how hard the helmet is pulled down onto your head. The usual process of moving the straps through the quick release buckle for adjustments is only needed once, and from then on any adjustments that are required (different headgear, hair style, riding conditions) is maintained by the Monomatic system. The 1/2 inch of adjustment of the system was more than adequate for any situation that I encountered. It has a nice wraparound pad that covers the entire ratchet section, and I usually didn’t have a pinched neck from using the system, though on occasion my neck, goatee or beard would get caught.

I really appreciated the visor extension from the helmet, and it gave excellent sun coverage, and it was easily detachable if required for packing. The rear of the helmet shell extends downwards quite far, and offers superb protection to the back of the head and upper neck. In addition, it made the helmet fit better since it cradles a larger portion of your head, and works in synergy with the IAS. The extra coverage it provides, and the decrease in any tendency for the helmet to roll back is a purposeful safety feature.

The excellent adjustment system, great padding, lightweight, and shell geometry, made the helmet very comfortable, with no pressure nor pinch points, and it was fine for any of the multiple hour rides that I regularly participate in.

Measured Spec

  • Weight: 250.6 grams

Bottom Line

The uvex xp 100 is an excellent, well made and feature filled helmet. The German made helmet has plenty of safety and comfort features, from the usable and functional IAS 3D+ and Monomatic closure system, the extended visor, and the dropped rear of the shell. I found the helmet comfortable for long rides, and thoroughly enjoyed the easily adjustability for fit, which could even be done on the fly, no matter how ugly and bumpy the terrain was. The Makrolon shell has been amazing durable, showing now signs of wear and tear, though the White matte did show stains and dirt. The only small issue I had was getting pinched by the Monomatic closure.

-Monomatic ratchet/button chin strap
-IAS adjusting ring
-Makrolon shell
-Dropped rear

-Neck pinched by the Monomatic
-White Matte finish shows stains and dirt

MSRP $99

Overall Rating: 4.5 Flamin’ Chili Peppers

uvex xp 100 Company Specs and Features:

  • Made in Germany
  • Inmould technology
  • IAS 3D+
  • Monomatic
  • Safety standards: European – EN 1078 / TUV GS, US – CPSC
  • Colors: Hang Loose, Black Matte, White Matte
  • 1 Size: fits 55-60cm
  • FAS chin strap system
  • No insects
  • Anti-allergic inner lining
  • Changeable inner lining
  • Cross shield
  • IAS ring with reflecting sticker

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Bob in GA January 1, 2011 at 5:02 pm

Brian.. excellent review. Could you comment on the comfort compared to a Giro ? I have replaced my foam inserts in my Giro but they are useless. What I would like in a new helmet is more comfort ! Thanks again.. Bob


Brian Mullin - Gram and Pastajet January 2, 2011 at 6:31 am


Thanks!I haven't worn a Giro in a while, but the uvex is xp 100 is really comfy, and the easily adjustable 3D IAS system makes it nice. I have been told if you have a head that is wide (I have a oblong one or more narrow one) that it might fit tighter than other helmets?

Good luck.


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