Club Ride Apparel Roxbury Review

by Brian Mullin on February 1, 2011

I first met Mike Herlinger, the founder and designer of Club Ride Apparel, at the 2010 Rocky Mountain Bike Festival, and was highly intrigued by his unique and eye catching product line. It’s interesting bike apparel, that encompass men’s and women’s (new to 2011) jerseys and shorts, that are functional, and have enough fashion to allow you to wear it in a normal environment, meaning you won’t look like a bike geek. The jerseys are pretty cool looking, with a sort of bowling shirt meets western flair, combined together in a nifty package.

The functional features include great bicycling performance enhancements, like high tech fabrics with good moisture management properties, venting and mesh materials in proper spots, and zippered pockets that are accessible and useful.

So many mountain bike jerseys only have 1/2 zippers in the front, and fortunately the Roxbury has a full length version to allow for better ventilation on really hot days. There is a flap that goes over the front zipper that closes with a set of snaps, adding not only a nice fashion touch, but some additional functionality, since venting, warmth and cooling can be subtly controlled by a manipulation of the snaps and zipper. Since the Collar sits up high and surrounds the neck, it serves as a sun and wind shield, adding some protection for the back and sides of the neck, although when flying down the hill at Mach 1 the Points can flap in the wind. The Roxbury has three zippered pockets, an extremely functional one on your left breast, for your cell phone or media player, and two deep rear ones that are angled, making them useful for accessing while wearing a hydration bag. I loved the front one, since I could stick my iPhone in there, and easily change songs while listening to tunes (no wires drooping all over the place), or answer it when the world collided on my ride.

The Roxbury is made from lightweight stretchy polyester, that has excellent wicking properties, and the material is thick enough that it’s durable, and provides a nice balance of warmth and cooling. It has a straight cut, giving it a loose hanging feel, making it comfortable, with lots of freedom and movement accommodation. There is a small mesh insert under the armpits, for movement, ventilation and moisture control. On the back is a large diamond shaped expandable panel, for flow through ventilation and to maximize movement (think back shrugging). It’s available in Drizzle Grey, Russet Red (tested), and Indigo Blue, in either Medium, Large, or X-Large.

Bottom Line
The Club Ride Apparel Roxbury jersey is comfortable, and feature laden, with nice fashion sense, in a sort of bowling shirt meets western flair manner. The full length zipper, front flap and buttons make a functional system, for either ventilation or warmth, and the collar adds some decent protection for the neck from the wind and sun. The cut is nice and loose, and with the stretchy material, and well placed mesh panels, makes a highly maneuverable jersey. The material is durable, and thick enough for some warmth, yet highly breathable for cooling, and has excellent moisture management properties.

The Roxbury is a comfortable and functional bike jersey, that is also contemporary and casual enough for normal attire.
Club Ride Apparel Roxbury Specs:

  • lightweight wicking polyester
  • classic design
  • trim fit
  • secure rear pockets
  • hidden front “on the fly” zipper
  • made in oakland, ca
  • machine washable
  • three sizes – Medium, Large, and X-Large.
  • MSRP: $90.00

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