Warm Fuzzy for the Day

by Brian Mullin on February 8, 2011

I recently wrote an article on ZYM Electrolyte Tablets for MTBR.com and GramsLightBikes. ZYM is flavored electrolyte sports drink, that is a tablet based, and I found it to be a fine product that has great athletic benefits. I received a nice compliment on the article over on MTBR.com, which was most welcome, though it’s sort of extremely rare, since most comments from readers are criticisms and critiques. Here is the comment from the article:

“Gram, you are one prolific mofo. Don’t know how you even pretend to care about some salt-tabs. Never mind manage to write a ‘review’. Well done. I hope you were well paid. It’s like that handlebar one. How much do they cost, what do they weight, will they take my weight for my riding style, do they come in black? That’s it. But you managed to write an amazing amount. And with multiple photos. You’d have thought that seeing one black alu tube w white markings was like seeing them all. But your efforts are impressive. I love the little forays into wikipedia for chemistry and stuff. Great. Don’t know how you do it. If someone came to me to sell compressed salt for a massive markup as some kind of useful addition to our kit, I just couldn’t get motivated. I’d feel like I was encouraging innocent people to waste money on useless consumables that they could get elsewhere for nothing thereby reducing the amount they have to spend on more important things.”

I had to respond myself, since it was such a warm fuzzy:

“J, thanks for the acknowledgment and Kudos, in fact, I am not paid at all, just a guest reviewer, and I do it because I am passionate about things. My additional research and in depth analysis of things, means it takes considerably longer to create the final output, so you’ll rarely get a typical 1-2 paragraph review. I try to make the reviews interesting, thought provoking, technical and entertaining? Thanks again, you made my day!”

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