Just In: Julbo Ultra, Koobi PRS Alpha, AAZIS Plus 180 Soft Knee-Shin Guard

by Brian Mullin on April 11, 2011

Julbo Ultra
The new Julbo Ultra just arrived, and I was pretty stoked to try them out. Julbo makes some pretty amazing sunglasses, and they have one of the best lenses on the market, the Zebra. The Ultra comes with the Zebra Light lens, which is Photochromic, and has a somewhat lower category coverage, meaning it’s meant for low light conditions. They’ll be ideal for my typical late evening rides, and those that take place in the deep dark woods. The frames are quite flexible, and the lens sort of floats off of the front nose piece of the sunglasses. I only had one ride with them, and they worked ideally for the cloudy late afternoon.

The result of extensive collaboration with trail running and mountain biking pros, the Ultra is the ally of those who can last the distance and push themselves to extreme limits! Thanks to the perfect hold, lightness and venting system of these glasses, you’ll feel that they’ve become a part of you. What’s more, with the new Zebra Light lens liberating your field of vision and providing maximum cover, nothing will escape you, with eyes super-sharp at all times, from morning to night!
Technical features

  • Optical clip – Ideal for those who require optical correction and do not wish to wear contact lenses, can be removed if necessary.
  • Flex Nose – Adjustable nose piece for perfect fit, adherent material for optimal hold in all situations.
  • Curved, wrapping temples – temples shaped and cut for better hold with sharp and repeated movements
  • Grip tech – Inserts at stem ends for comfort and hold, does not stick to hair
  • Full Venting – Aerated structure that allows complete air circulation to avoid fog
  • Lenses – Zebra Light: This lens is hyper-reactive from dawn to dusk.
    • Photochromic: the lens gets darker or lighter in accordance with the intensity of the light.
    • Protection category 1 to 3.
    • Fast activation speed.
    • Exceptional anti-fog coating: no condensation, maximum longevity.
    • Hydrophobic coating on the outside: prevents marking and facilitates the removal of water.
    • Soft material: less risk of injury during falls.

Koobi PRS Alpha
I just met the owner Phil Schweizer at the Front Range Cyclist Bicycle Show, although I have seen him a ton at the parking lot at the Monument Preserve trail system. Phil was kind enough to send along a saddle to review, and sent the top of the line PRS Alpha. This saddle is meant for a rider who puts in some serious mileage or hours, depending on how you like to categorize things. Since I ride a mountain bike, the time on the saddle is a better usage metric than miles. The PRS (Personal Ride System) has a tunable suspension system that uses elastomer spring technology (spongy disc’s) to allow the rider to fine tune the saddle’s characteristics, and add some trail softening. The saddle comes with 3 sets of elastomer springs, which correspond to either your body weight or suspension feeling: Soft (yellow), Medium (red), and Firm (blue). I have only gotten a couple of rides on it, and it needs to break-in, as it’s still overly stiff.

Our ultimate distance saddle. For cyclists riding over 6 hours/week & are accustomed to a firm saddle. Custom built. Ti Alloy rails. 298 grams. Women’s Model Available. Firm padding. 146 mm width.
Your Price: $199.95

AAZIS Plus 180 Soft Knee-Shin Guard
I have been using the AAZIS 180 Knee-Shin Guard for the last couple of weeks, and they have been quite comfortable, and have provided excellent protection. The AAZIS 180’s refer to an additional 180mm of coverage below the normal AAZIS Knee Guards, and obviously cover the shins. I live in a place that has a lot of Scrub Oak, and without shin protection you can get pretty chewed up. I had used the AAZIS Knee Guards, and really liked them, but I had to keep wearing leg warmers to keep my shins from getting eaten alive. After long spinning sessions, grinding up hills or along flats, they would ever so slightly creep down, but it was very subtle, and a quick yank on them returned them to the higher position. Even after completing long rides, they were quite comfy, and just a tad warm. I do wish they had some material covering the portion on the back calf above the ankle, since I get scratched up by rocks, bushes and trees.

Right materials, right places. Kali Protectives continues this product promise with the AAZIS™ Plus soft knee-skin guard. All the protection for your knee, plus expanded protection to cover your shin.

Product Features

  • ARAMID weave for expanded protection and durability
  • Anti “pull down” design, keeping your knee-shin protection in place
  • Washable, adjustable, anti-microbial materialsQuick adjustment with the precise fit strapping system
  • Internal elbow cup for protection from sharp impacts
  • NITREX foam for shock absorption

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