Sea Otter 2011 – Purely Custom Soft Touch Bashguard

by Brian Mullin on April 22, 2011

The Purely Custom Soft Touch Bashguard is a unique component. Instead of using hard plastic or metal for the bashguard, they use CNC machined aluminum that has Thermoplastic Polyurethane bonded on the outer edge. Thermoplastic Polyurethanes or TPU is a class of polyurethane plastics with many useful properties, including elasticity, transparency, and resistance to oil, grease and abrasion. The TPU ring is ribbed, and can be used as a third wheel, offering adhesion and traction capabilities over obstacles, and will not mar surfaces. The TPU is hard, but has a slight give, so that it can adhere and conform to objects, offering a useful gripiness when dealing with and powering over large rocks or trees. The bashguard is CNC machined from a solid billet of aluminum, for additional strength and durability.

It will come in a 34 tooth and 4×104 BCD sizing, and costs $59.95, and weighs 115 grams. The product should be shipping the first of June.

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