Sea Otter – Magura MT8 Carbon Brakes

by Brian Mullin on April 24, 2011

Magura had their stunning new MT8 brakes on display, and they were incredibly lightweight (278g w/ 160mm rotor) and drop-dead gorgeous. The high tech works of art use some amazingly innovative production techniques and materials to create a light and strong brake for any type of riding, from x-country to downhill.

The reservoir is created by injecting their proprietary Carbon Matrix material into a mold, and the fibers are aligned to optimize strength and lightness, in what they call their Carboflow Process. The mold work is so precise it requires no post machine processing. The flip-flop designed Carbotecture SL body attaches to the bar with a Carbolay clamp (2 grams), and uses their EBT or easy bleed technology, set up in a dual port manner (for the flip-flop). The ergonomic carbon lever is made with their Carbolay technology, and uses a trick and light hollow-pivot to attach to the body.

The single piece aluminum caliper uses a double arch (just like their forks), and the shape optimizes the caliper’s strength in the direction that encounters the largest load forces, with less material being required (saving weight). The upper or front one does the oil transfer between the sides of the caliper, and might help with cooling (a guess)? The caliper uses top-loading pads, for what they call EPR or easy pad replacement, so the wheel doesn’t need to be removed for changes.

The top of the line MT8s are part of their MT brake family, which also includes the MT6, MT4, and MT2 ($399, $299, $199, $129 respectively). The entire brake family share the same basic technology, with some subtle tweaks and lighter materials for the upper level models. They all have a carbon master body with the flip/flop design, an alloy double arch caliper with top loading pads, and dual EBT ports for bleeding.

Description MT8 MT6 MT4 MT2
Master Body Carbotecture SL Carbotecture SL Carbotecture Carbotecture
Lever Carbolay Alloy Alloy Alloy
Split Clamp Carbolay Alloy Alloy Alloy
Pivot Hollow Hollow Normal Normal
Weight w/ 160mm rotor 278 grams 310 grams 320 grams 335 grams
Price $399 $299 $199 $129
Rotor Size 140-203mm 160-203mm 160-203mm 160-203mm
Rotor Model Storm SL Storm SL Storm Storm

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Dr FI2AGnSTEIN June 21, 2011 at 7:02 pm

Drop-dead gorgeous! Any chance they can be run with XT rotors? No power loss, squeal & what not??? TIA!


Onie June 21, 2011 at 7:04 pm

Drop-dead gorgeous! Any chance they can be run with XT rotors? No power loss, squeal & what not??? TIA!


Brian Mullin - Gram and Pastajet June 23, 2011 at 11:43 pm

I am sure they could work, but the Magura rotors are designed for them (they were designed with synergy in mind, and during the extensive testing and design period they were optimized to work together). The brakes come with Magura rotors, so really no need to use the XT's?


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