Rack Stash Review

by Brian Mullin on May 6, 2011

The Rack Stash is a convenient storage unit for hitch mounted bike racks and accessories, and attaches to a wall stud in your garage. The beefy and well made Rack Stash, allows you to store any sport hitch rack, up off the garage floor when it’s removed from a vehicle, and as an additional feature, bikes can even be stored on the rack. The unit’s receiver accepts 2 inch hitch rack or a 2 inch adapter.

When I take the bike rack off the vehicle and stash it in the garage, I seem to notice that it’s always in the way, and no matter where I place it, I am tripping and stumbling over it. I usually end shoving it up out of the way, to make it easier to maneuver around in the clutter of the garage, with all the accompanying items, such as kid’s bikes, skateboards, a motorcycle, a snow blower, etc. When I finally require the rack, I have to extract it from the debris, and it always seems to get snagged and tangled up with something.

I use the kuat NV rack, and it’s a bulky and heavy (48 lbs), but if you can pick it up in the proper position, it’s somewhat easier to move around. The Rack Stash lets you slide it in at the correct level, so no real lifting is required, and I can then cart it over to the truck and plug it right in, always keeping it around the same level, so less back strain and grunt effort is required. In addition, I now have a less cluttered garage, and I can reclaim some of my floor space, or at least be able to walk around without tripping or bounding around.

“Ah. Good morning. I’m Bounder of Adventure.”
“My name is Smoke-Too-Much.”

The installation of the Rack Stash is pretty straight forward, and only took me a few minutes using the proper tools (Red Bull required). Decide the location of the unit, and an approximate height up from the floor, and then locate and mark the exact center of a stud. Line the unit up with the center, level it, and mark the three holes. Drill into the stud, and ratchet down the bolts tightly into the wall, and its ready to use.

Bottom Line
The Rack Stash is a great accessory, and allows you to attach your bike rack to the wall, freeing up garage space, and decreasing clutter. In addition, by installing the Rack Stash’s receiver at a specific height, you can carry the bike rack between the vehicle and the unit at the same level, for less back strain and effort. If desired, bikes can be stored in the rack while it’s on the wall. The Rack Stash is a simple and highly functional storage tool for anyone who has an outdoor type hitch rack (bike, cargo, ski).

Overall Rating: 4.5 Flamin’ Chili Peppers

Rack Stash Specs:

  • MSRP: $59.00
  • Store your hitch rack accessories on the wall.
  • Fits one 2″ bike rack and at least two ball mounts that are 2″ as well.
  • Can also be used for a 2″ hitch mounted basket or cargo carrier.
  • Keep your racks off the ground with this wall mount.
  • Mounting hardware included.

Visit there website at http://www.rackstash.com/

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