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by Brian Mullin on June 7, 2011

Giro Code
Giro Company Info: “Hardcore trail riders and XC racers want maximum power transfer plus the comfort and durability need to withstand rugged trails and conditions. The Code answers the call with a light-yet-tough Teijin microfiber upper that shapes to your foot, plus our adjustable SuperNatural Fit Kit that allows you to tune the level of arch support, enhancing efficiency and comfort. Welded scuff guards boost the upper’s durability and structured feel, and the optimized Easton® EC90 unidirectional carbon sole provides pro-level stiffness for the most efficient power transfer available.”

The Code’s are an impressive shoe, being comfortable, supportive and offering superb power. The upper’s have a combination of Teijin microfiber and welded scuff guards (and a toe bumper) for protection and durability. The outsole uses their EC90 carbon, which has a hint of flex for walking, and it’s finished off with thick aggressive lugs for grip. The Code’s offset Velcro straps worked well, making for no bind or hot spots under the tongue, and the ratchet buckle system was the easiest I have ever used, using a downward pressure to release, instead of the usual up. The ratchet never pre-released accidentally while riding, even when hitting them multiple times with rocks, bushes and tree branches. Walking short distances in the shoes was fine, but when doing anything lengthy, and I found that they hurt my feet. I do admit that I can sometimes be a big hike-a-bike person, walking some difficult terrain for significant distances. They aren’t what I would call a pleasant hiker, although they are more comfortable, and easier to hike in then the usual high performance shoe. When the straps were clamped down tight, they gave a nice a nice snug fit, and while spinning it offered a great tactile feel and good power, but I found they hurt the outside of my foot just below the ankle bone when I stepped off the bike (easy to loosen them for comfort). I was amazed at how much power I could pry out of the shoes, and I think the thin sole helps with the sensitive feel. The carbon sole did seem to scratch easy, so will see how it does for longevity. The toe box and sides had ample protection, and I had many encounters with rocks and branches, and I didn’t suffer much damage, nor did the shoe. The adjustable insoles worked nicely, and it made fitting the shoes a breeze, and I played around with the different ones, and found the highest worked the best for me.

Giro Company Info – Features:

  • Weight – 355 grams in size 42
  • Upper – Teijin lightweight microfiber shapes to your foot; Welded scuff guards provide enhanced durability; Strong and secure ratcheting buckle closure (replaceable); Offset “D-ring” at mid-foot strap helps to prevent pressure points
  • Outsole – Easton EC90 unidirectional carbon is optimized for stiffness and power transfer; High traction lugged outsole is optimized for grip and durability; Mid-foot scuff guard enhances grip when not clipped-in, and protects carbon sole
  • Footbed – SuperNatural Fit Kit with adjustable arch support system and X-Static anti-microbial fiber
  • Compatible with standard two-bolt MTB cleats
  • Colors – White/Black (Red accents), Black (Red accents) and Magnesium/Black.
  • MSRP – $279.99

Cytomax Sports Performance Drink
Cytomax Company Info: Cytomax Performance Drink is made for a different brand of athlete. Its blend of complex carbohydrates and sugars work to sustain energy, so you can train harder, build stamina, and achieve superior results – Proven Results! Exclusive to Cytomax products, Alpha-L-PolyLactate™ is a proprietary energy source proven to provide energy longer and faster. Cytomax lowers acid in muscles, which prevents burning and cramping during training and helps reduce soreness and speed recovery. In a University Study, the Alpha-L-Polylactate found in Cytomax was shown to: Provide Energy 3X Faster and 3X More Efficiently Than Glucose. This breakthrough allowed athletes competing in a long hard ride (90 minutes at 65% VO2max) to sprint 22% longer on Cytomax than when consuming another popular sport drink. The new version features stevia, an all natural sweetener, while acesulfame potassium has been removed.

I have been using the new formulation of Cytomax for the last couple of weeks, and I am suitably impressed. The addition of Stevia gives it a more pleasant taste, and I didn’t notice the usual bitterness that it can leave on your tongue. During long bike rides the complex carbohydrates and sugars increase stamina, energy and the nice flavor makes drinking more enjoyable, so I drink more often. So far, my favorite flavor is the Cool Citrus, but the Pomegranate Berry and Tropical Fruit are also fine (my three test flavors). Once the warmer temperatures kicked in for the Spring, I started to add ice cubes to the mixture, and found I needed to decrease the amount of powder, else it would coagulate into a mess on the last scoopful. Perhaps pre-mixing in a bigger container instead of the reservoir might help? I am looking forward to some more testing before the final review.

Cytomax Company Info – Features:

  • Beats the Burn: Patented Alpha-L-PolyLactate™ buffers acid production in your muscles, reducing the “burn” during intense training and minimizing post-exercise muscle soreness.
  • Steady Energy: Complex carbohydrates stabilize blood sugar during exercise with no sugar “crash”.
  • Muscle Power Output: Enhances the ability for high intensity energy production after prolonged exercise (at the end when it counts most!)
  • Blood Glucose Homeostasis: The ingredients in Cytomax help maintain blood metabolites in the optimal range.
  • Cell Protection: Antioxidants prevent exercise-induced free radical damage to muscle cells.
  • Cellular Balance: Electrolytes ensure cellular nutrient balance is restored quickly after exercise.
  • Optimal Osmoality: rapid gastric emptying
  • Sizes: tubs (1.5lb and 4.5lb)
  • Flavors – Cool Citrus, Fresh Apple, Go Grape, Pomegranate Berry, Tangy Orange and Tropical Fruit.
  • Now made with Stevia
  • Ingredients: Advanced Carbohydrate System (Maltodextrin, crystalline fructose, dextrose, Alpha-L-Polylactate), citric acid, malic acid, natural and artificial flavor, L-Alanine, L-Glutamine, guar gum, xanthan gum, turmeric powder (added for color), stevia (rebiana).

Supplemental Facts:

Serving Size 25g (approx 1 scoop)
Servings per Container approx 27
Description Amount Per Serving
Calories 90
Calories from Fat 0
Total Fat
  Saturated Fat
  Trans Fat
Cholesterol 0mg
Total Carbohydrates
Protein 0g
Vitamin C (as ascorbic acid) 60mg
Calcium (as dicalcium phosphate, calcium succinate) 6mg
Magnesium (as Magnesium Oxide, magnesium succinate) 8mg
Chromium (as Chromium Nicotinate) 50mcg
Sodium (as sodium citrate) 120mg
Potassium (as potassium citrate, monopotassium phosphate, potassium succinate) 60mg
Advanced Carbohydrate System (Maltodextrin, crystalline fructose, dextrose, Alpha-L-Polylactate) 22g

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