Camelbak – Interbike 2011

by Brian Mullin on September 30, 2011

Although not specifically related to biking, I thought their newly revised All Clear UV Purifier is pretty darn trick, and it would be a great unit for back country travelers, long bike rides, bike backpacking and endurance racing. The All Clear UV Purifier uses ultraviolet light to kill off and eliminate bacteria, viruses and protozoa that cause water-borne illness, that might exist in alpine lakes, tap water and streams. The unit is comprised of a 24-ounce bottle, a battery-powered cap that contains the UV light, a power switch and an LCD screen. You can get an optional pre-filter if needed for sediments and debris.

The All Clear is pretty easy to use, just fill it with questionable water, push the button on the lid, shake it gently for 60 seconds (the LCD screen counts down), and you have clean water. The UV bulb is supposed to last for 10,000 cycles, and the battery (charged via a USB port) for over 80 cycles. The All Clear is a pretty sweet unit that is simple, innovative, easy to use, and you can replace the UV lid with a normal lid from the newer bottle line for easier drinking purposes.

Side Note => SteriPEN, which uses a UV water purifier light on a small handheld device, had this to say about using their unit for hydration bladders:

  • Run purified water through the tube – Make sure you run a small amount of purified water (following treatment) from the bladder through the hydration tube before next consumption of water. This should push trace amounts of microbes out of the tube.
  • 1 Liter treatments or less only. Hydration companies offer many larger size hydration bladder/reservoirs that we cannot recommend for use with SteriPEN water purifiers. DO NOT use them with SteriPEN.
  • Single chamber model only! Hydrapak ShapeShift and some Camelbak Antidote have multiple chambers, and we cannot recommend these models for use with SteriPEN water purifiers.

Camelbak is also coming out with a couple of new packs, and some interesting color schemes, such as the Tin Man Mule, shown above on the back of their PR wizard Seth. You’ll definitely stand out, or shine out with the very bright Tin Man! The new packs are the freeride oriented Agent and Asset, and the Charge LR lumbar pack. The larger 3 liter Agent and smaller 2 liter Asset, come in orange, purple and gray, and both have color matched insulated hoses. The Agent has a few more features, including the NVIS ventilated back panel system, a cell phone pocket on the shoulder strap, a full clam shell opening and two fleece lined goggle or sunglasses pockets.

Pack Specs:

Camelbak Charge LR

  • $100
  • Ultra light
  • Side stash pockets
  • Top routed hose
  • 2 liter Antidote lumbar reservoir – Housed in the waist
  • Hip-mounted cinch straps to keep the pack snug as you drain the bladder

Camelbak Agent

  • $150
  • 3 liter/100 oz bladder
  • 11 liter capacity
  • Purple, Orange and Grey/Black Colors (aka Grape Drink, Sunny D, Cola)
  • Equipped with insulated matching tube covers
  • NVis (pronounced “envious”) ventilated back panel system
  • Cell Phone pocket
  • 2 fleece lined goggle pockets
  • Overflow pocket
  • Armor attatchment
  • Helmet carrier – full face or xc

Camelbak Asset

  • $115
  • 8.5 liter capacity
  • 2 liter/70 oz
  • Straps for armor and helmets
  • Equipped with insulated matching tube covers
  • Purple, Orange and Grey/Black Colors (aka Grape Drink, Sunny D, Cola)


  • $100
  • New Tin Man color scheme

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