KS LEV Adjustable Seatpost – Interbike 2011

by Brian Mullin on September 18, 2011

Kind Shock had their new KS LEV remote cable actuated adjustable seatpost on display at Interbike. The very trick LEV, has the cable directly attached to the main body or outer tube of the post, instead of the atypical position on top of the telescoping head. The attachment at the post collar, means the cable connection remains stationary relative to the saddle’s movement, removing issues with excess cable, such as interference with legs, tires, frames, etc. The new design will give a cleaner and more direct routing line to the seatpost, and will allow greater flexibility with different bicycle geometries and manufacturers, and hence, better cable management.

The system still uses their same basic air return sprung/hydraulic internals, with the one-way self-adjusting bearings, along some newly updated engineering knowledge learned from their previous models, and of course, their semi-top secret changes for the outer tube connection. The connector itself, can be rotated 360 degrees relative to the saddle to accommodate any bike’s requirements. The trick carbon fiber remote lever is attached to the handlebar, and has a length adjuster spliced in between then ends for fine-tuning of the actuation.

I am looking forward to trying the LEV out, since getting rid of the annoying loop of excess cable when the post is in its lowest position will be very beneficial, and I won’t have to deal with my leg hitting the cable loop, or have it buzz the tire on a big drop. Brian Lopes has been racing a prototype of the LEV this season, so it’s been getting some thorough testing.

The post will come in lengths of 100, 125 or 150 mm, and of diameters 27.2, 30.9 and 31.6 mm. They are targeting a weight of around 460 grams, which is 100 grams then it’s predecessor, and it should be available in early 2012 for $395.

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