POC Bike Excursion Video

by Brian Mullin on September 2, 2011

The Swedish protection company POC, just released the POC Bike Excursion video with Danny MacAskill, Martin Söderström and Daniel Dhers. They are all showing off their incredible bike’s skills, in some exotic and interesting locations around Stockholm.

They are all obviously sponsored by Red Bull and POC! Can these guys not buy some pants that fit, I guess I am too old for drooping look? The slow-mode shots, which make for some intriguing and inspiring viewpoints, are a few of my favorite pieces.

“It’s been a dream project since a couple of years, bringing our dear friends Daniel, Danny and Martin together here to explore and ride the surroundings of POC HQ. POC HQ is based right in between the exotic Archipelago and Stockholm city, the capital of Sweden and offers some unique spots. So, we were really excited when we finally could bring them together and start filming.”

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