SKS GRAND D.A.D and GRAND M.O.M Fender Review

by Brian Mullin on January 6, 2012

These mountain-bike fenders from the German SKS company, are part of their oversized line, and are meant for big fat meaty tires in mud and rain. The fenders are easy and quick to install and remove, have ultra wide coverage, and are made from a high quality dual compound plastic. I have used them throughout the Summer, Fall and part of the Winter, and they have been outstanding, and have kept me from getting the brunt of water, slush, snow, dirt, and mud during inclement and atrocious weather conditions. I was most appreciative of the fenders during high speed runs, when you weren’t constantly bombarded by flung up dirt and mud.

The GRAND D.A.D. or Dual Adjustible Dirtboard, is their fork based fender, and is designed for 26-inch tires. The fender is 24 inches long and 4 inches wide, and use’s a dual-compound plastic, with a softer and flexible gray section at the rear. It clamps on by inserting a wedge system into the bottom of the fork’s crown, and the included hardware kit has adapters for 1 inch to 1.5 inch diameter steerer tubes. The insertion system has a quick-release connection, and has front and rear horizontal adjustment, and front vertical adjustments to fit a variety of forks and frames. It comes in basic Black, and retails for $35.

This fat tire beast is easy to install once the proper adapter is chosen, and the installation is understood, but the included multiple language instruction manual is a bit cryptic and too concise, so it takes some additional time to decipher the fender’s idiosyncrasies. You choose the largest wedge that fits into the fork’s crown tube, and screw in the quick-release bolt until the wedge expands, and tightly holds the fender in situ. Lastly, you slide on a bright orange cover to keep everything protected and in place. Unfortunately, the cover is easy to misplace and lose, so it didn’t take me too long to accomplish that brain-dead maneuver. If any fine tuning is required for fitting things to the frame or fork, the front half of the fender has a simple three notch vertical height adjuster. The horizontal adjustment is a bit more involved and requires taking the wedge system apart, and then the front and rear sections can independently be moved fore and aft as required.

It’s nice to have a fender that is this wide, since a majority of the fenders on the market don’t have enough coverage for 2.35 inch to 4 inch tires. I found that it gave more than adequate protection from crud being flung up, and it kept me drier and cleaner. It didn’t provide much coverage for the feet, but the rear doesn’t swing down enough to provide the additional spray pattern. Even with 7 inches of suspension, the fender did an admirable job, which is pretty amazing considering the large distance it needs to cover. I never had any rubbing issues with the frame or fork once I did some fine tuning, and the only thing that ever rubbed was the front brake cable, which was exacerbated by my moto style setup.

Measured Specs:

  • Length – 24 inches
  • Width – 4 inches
  • Weight – 150 to 157 grams (depending on adapter used)

The GRAND D.A.D is an excellent wide front fender, and is meant for uber wide tires. It’s easy to take on and off, is secure and stable, and can fit a wide variety of forks and frames.


  • Good coverage
  • It fits fat and wide tires
  • Easy on and off – excellent wedge system
  • It fits multiple fork sizes with simple adapter change
  • Soft and flexible rear section
  • Secure and stable
  • Rugged and durable


  • Cryptic and confusing install manual
  • Horizontal adjustment is cumbersome
  • Easy to loose bottom orange protection cover (I did)

Overall Rating: 4.5 Flamin’ Chili Peppers

Grand D.A.D. Specs:

  • Visit the SKS GRAND D.A.D website
  • Grand D.A.D. offers optimal dirt protection due to its extra-wide size and high-quality, dual-compound plastic
  • Rear board consists of a softer component so wheel contact is not a problem in extreme conditions
  • Mounts easily to fork crown; Includes fork mounting hardware and built in quick release
  • 2-point angle adjustment ensures an optimal frame fit
  • D.A.D. – ‘Dual Adjust Dirtboard’
  • Color – Black
  • Tire Size – 26″
  • Coverage – Handles tires up to 4.0″ wide

The GRAND M.O.M or MTB Oversize Mudguard is their rear fender, and is 20 inches long and 4 inches wide, and is constructed with a dual-compound plastic, with a softer and flexible gray section at the rear. It clamps onto the seatpost with their SKS Power strip, which utilizes an adjustable length of nylon webbing that wraps around the post, and clamps shut with a rocker clasp. The angle of the fender can be adjusted, with a small hex bolt located aft of the strap system. The Power strip system and angle adjustment allow the fender to fit a wide variety of frames and suspension travel. It comes in basic Black, and retails for $30.

Initially installing the fender was simple, and you just adjust the strap’s length until the clasp clamps down snugly onto the seatpost without any unnecessary movement from the fender. You’ll need to adjust the angle of the fender depending on the requirements of the frame geometry and suspension travel constraints, which requires the loosening of the bolts on both sides of the unit, and tilting the fender to its desired pitch. Taking the fender on and off was a simple task, and only took a few moments to install.

Unfortunately, the seemingly simple strap system frequently loosened, and would require minor re-adjustments to get the proper amount of tightness so that it wouldn’t move. When riding in rough terrain or if the fender was even slightly hit, the strap would sometimes loosen, making for an annoying experience. If it was raining really hard, the strap got wet and tended to stretch, and would require a re-tightening, but at least I expected that to happen. On extremely rough and bumpy terrain, the fender flopped around too much, and it could be felt bouncing around on the rear of the bike. I also found that when I tossed a leg over the bike, I tended to hit the fender, and the strap would loosen, or it would get knocked out of place, so I had to train myself with more agility when mounting my steed, or perhaps I need to do more yoga?

“Hey Yoga Girl… I just wanna know your world…
When you do your chattaranga do your toes curl? Hey Yoga Girl”

If you could get the strap set properly, and it didn’t loosen, it worked admirably, and the width of the fender gave good coverage, and prevented unwanted debris from flinging up, even on long travel bikes. I enjoyed not having mud tossed up onto my back, and it worked nicely with my fat 2.4 inch tires and 6 inches of suspension. Perhaps their ratchet lock-down system where the webbing is adjusted needs to clamp with more force to keep the strap from sliding?

Measured Specs:

  • Length – 20 inches
  • Width – 4 inches
  • Weight – 185 grams

The GRAND M.O.M is a good wide rear fender, and is meant for uber wide tires, and it’s simple to install, and easy to take on and off. Although it offers great coverage, it tends to flop around on rugged terrain, and the strap system likes to loosen, and requires occasional adjustment of the tightness.


  • Good coverage
  • It fits fat and wide tires
  • Easy on and off
  • Simple install
  • Soft and flexible rear section


  • Attachment strap would loosen too frequently and require adjustment
  • Attachment strap would stretch in rain storms
  • Floppy on rugged terrain

Overall Rating: 3.5 Flamin’ Chili Peppers

GRAND M.O.M Specs:

  • MSRP: $30
  • Visit the SKS GRAND M.O.M website
  • M.O.M. (MTB Oversize Mudguard)
  • Color – Black
  • Quick-release power strap secures tightly to nearly any size seat tube
  • 2-point angle adjustment ensures an optimal frame fit
  • Heavy-duty, dual-compound plastic is long-lasting

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