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by Brian Mullin on March 2, 2012

Shimano has always pushed their technology down its food chain, and last year the Deore XT got the trickled down engineering from its XTR brethren, and this year the SLX group gets the same sort of treatment. The SLX 2013 gets a plethora of trickery, including the Ice Tech brake pads and rotors, the Shadow Plus clutch on the rear derailer, the excellent shifters and of course, the slew of 10-speed cranks and cassettes. My new favorite addition is a 2×10 crank with a granny lovin’ 38×24 gearing, which XT will also get as an option.! Another obvious feature for the SLX is its excellent price point, especially in comparison to the uber expensive XTR. They have added some tweaks to their components in regard to 29er’s, including a direct mount rear derailer for the Shadow Plus models, and a bottom-swing front for better to wheel clearance.

New “Rider Tuned” SLX Group for Trail Riders
SLX receives more updates for 2013, creating possibly the best all-around value/performance group available. Built to perform like XT and XTR, SLX now includes many of the same Trail options including award-winning Shadow Plus RD technology, and three new Rider Tuned 2×10 crank set options are available on the new style SLX crank.
*Available July 2012

New Shadow Plus and direct mount RD options
SLX now offers a Shadow Plus rear derailleur for trail riders available in SGS and GS options with a direct mount option. Shadow Plus technology reduces chain slap and chain drop while creating a more stable drive train that is dramatically quieter. A new standard Shadow RD will be available, also with a direct mount option.

New Rider Tuned crank sets
In addition to the trail optimized triple (42-32-24), new SLX Rider Tuned crank set options now include a double chainring crank set that is available in three chainring combinations for varied usages: race-optimized 40-28T and 38-26T options and a 29er friendly 38-24T option. The 10-speed SLX wide range cassette (CS-HG81-10) has rider optimized gear progressions (11-36, 11-34, 11-32). New SLX crank sets showcase a new revised shape and finish.

Improved shifter ergonomics, chainring mode converter
New SLX shifters offer a 2x or 3x chainring converter for more Rider Tuned options. The easy access levers feature a new ergonomic lever shape with 2-way release and offer Advanced Light Action shifting and compact and vivid OGD compatibility. ISPEC integrated one clamp option available.

Powerful SLX disc brakes, new disc rotors
The SLX disc brake system maintains technology including Servo Wave, ICE Tech pad options, oversized 22mm ceramic piston and high power hose with banjo mount for powerful braking. The brake levers are ISPEC compatible. New lightweight SM-RT66 six-bolt and SM-RT67 Center Lock rotors will be available. The disc brake system is compatible with ICE Tech rotor upgrades.

Suspension friendly FD improvements
SLX front derailleurs offer suspension friendly benefits through new derailleur shapes, cable routing options and better frame and tire clearance. The down swing FD update is a 29er and suspension friendly design that brings an update from XTR to the SLX group. These light action front derailleurs are Dyna-Sys friendly in 2×10 and 3×10 options, and are available in four mounting styles.

New SLX hubs offer durability, stability
The new SLX disc brake hubs offer trailready durability and stability thanks to fully adjustable and serviceable angular contact bearing assemblies and a top stiffness to weight ratio aided by a new lighter weight axle. Sizes include traditional QR and 15mm E-thru front axle options and 12mm E-thru rear.

Deore XT and XTR Additions for 2013
Shimano Deore XT and XTR updates are highlighted by new direct mount rear derailleur options and Shadow Plus RD technology. Both Deore XT and XTR will now feature GS and SGS direct mount 10-speed Shadow rear derailleurs and XT will now offer a Shadow Plus RD option. A new Deore XT double crank set will be added in a 29er friendly 38-24T combination and Deore XT 10-speed Vivid optical display shifters will be available.

New Mountain Bike Wheel Sets
Three new mountain bike wheel sets enter the line for 2013 that extend Shimano’s 29er wheel offering at the SLX and XT level, continuing the company’s commitment to mountain tubeless systems and the 15mm E-thru standard. The new WH-MT66 and WH-MT68 wheel sets feature an all-new tubeless-ready rim with UST rim section profile. All Shimano wheels are 100% handbuilt for unparalleled quality and durability.

WH-M785-29 Deore XT 29er wheels
The Deore XT wheel sets now include 29er specific wheels with a 15mm E-thru front hub and QR rear. All wheels are UST tubeless and come standard with Center Lock disc brake mounting.
*Available Fall 2012

WH-MT66-29 wheels
 The new WH-MT66-29 wheel set delivers quality, dependability and sets the standard for 29er wheel stiffness and weight balance with purpose built 24x28H lacing balancing front vs. rear wheel loads. The wheels feature a new tubeless-compatible 19C rim structure that is UST and standard tire compatible. The 29” wheel set is available in 135mm QR or 142x12mm E-thru rear spacing and front 15mm E-thru.
*Available Sept. 2012

WH-MT68 wheels
The new 26” specific WH-MT68 wheel set is a tough trail-specific wheel set with a 21C rim profile designed for aggressive riding. The new tubeless-compatible rim structure is UST and standard tire compatible. The WH-MT68 is 15mm E-thru front only and available in 135mm QR or 142x12mm E-thru rear options.
*Available July 2012

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