Club Ride Nut Head and Car-Go Away – Just In

by Brian Mullin on April 15, 2012

Ride just sent me their Nut Head jersey and Car-Go Away shorts for a
test and review. The Nut Head is a short-sleeved jersey, with a generous
cut, which is full featured, comfortable and offers excellent sun
protection, while the Car-Go Away short is a superb set of shorts, which
are exceptionally comfortable and durable and have an effective waist
adjustment system. All of their products use technical performance
materials that have great wicking and odor properties and use stretchy
material for the utmost in comfort, and movability. It’s interesting
bike apparel, that encompass men’s and women’s jerseys and shorts, that
are functional, and have enough fashion to allow you to wear it in a
normal environment, with a sort of bowling shirt meets western flair,
combined together in a nifty package.

Nut Head
Ride-ready retro style.
Designed with a traditional mechanic shirt in mind, the Nut Head is
built with our RideDryWear™ stretch fabric, features functional and
stylish vented racing stripes, underarm vents and breathable panels on
the backside. The Nut Head features Club Ride’s Air2Flow™ hidden front
zip for on the bike air flow control and front and rear zippered

  • MSRP: $89.99
  • Visit the Club Ride Nut Head website
  • Lightweight RideDryWear fabric
  • Stretch fabric for movement
  • Quick-dry for moisture control
  • Air2Flow hidden front zip system
  • Front and rear zippered storage pockets
  • Vents in racing stripes, under arm and on back
  • Media port
  • Colors: Ale, Charcoal, Raven

The Nut Head jersey is comfortable, and feature laden, with nice
fashion sense, and the two vertical front stripes give it a bowling
shirt flair. The full-length zipper, front flap and buttons make a
functional system, for either ventilation or warmth, and the collar adds
great protection for the neck from the wind and sun. The long cut is
nice and loose, and with the stretchy material, and properly placed
front and back mesh panels, makes a highly maneuverable and well
ventilated jersey. The material is durable, and thick enough for some
warmth, yet highly breathable for cooling, and has excellent moisture
management properties.

The Nut Head is made from lightweight 4-way
stretch polyester, that has excellent wicking properties, and the
material is thick enough that it’s durable, and provides a nice balance
of warmth and cooling. It has a straight cut, giving it a loose hanging
feel, making it comfortable, with lots of freedom and movement
accommodation. There is a mesh section under the arm pits, two vertical
ones on the front (one is cosmetic) and two on the back, which all
provide superb ventilation and moisture control, and excellent stretch,
especially the ones across the back. It has a full length front zipper
which has a flap that closes over it with a set of snaps, adding a nice
fashion touch and providing additional functionality, since venting,
warmth and cooling can be subtly controlled and tuned by a manipulation
of the snaps and zipper. Since the collar sits up high and surrounds the
neck, it serves as a sun and wind shield, adding protection for the
back and sides of the neck. The Nut Head has a zippered front left
breast pocket, and two large zippered lower back pockets with a media
port on the right one. It’s available in Raven, Charcoal (as tested) and
Ale colors, in Small, Medium, Large, or X-Large, and retails for

The Nut Head’s vertical mesh panel (2 inches wide) in the
front really power jams air into the jersey, and provide excellent
ventilation and circulation, and the armpit panel function as required,
and they all work in synergy to remove excess perspiration. The jersey
wicks the perspiration well and it dries quickly, so you never feel like
you are overly damp. The full front zipper with the snap flap was
extremely useful, and it was easy to tune the amount of air entry, which
assisted in both cold and hot weather. You could open the flap and
lower the zipper while climbing, and shut the flap and raise the zipper
when descending, which help level out extreme swings of heating and
cooling. The slight tight weave of the material provides excellent sun
protection, and along with the high collar, help keep the body cooler
and the skin safer, since it decreases the brunt of the solar rays. The
dual mesh back panels provide exceptional stretch, so the jersey doesn’t
feel tight across the back, even when contorted and hunched over on the
bike. The panels also aid with ventilation, and work in concert with
the front one, to pass air through the jersey. When wearing a pack the
rear panels are very comfortable, and provide exceptional breathability
and wickability, helping to decrease the typical wet back syndrome,
although the cross through ventilation from the front isn’t as
pronounced. On a couple of rare occasions, when doing some really steep
drops and rollers, the length of the front would catch on the saddle’s
nose, making for an awkward moment.


  • Comfortable and stretchy
  • Durable
  • Sun Protection – good tight fabric weave and high collar
  • Nice long and baggy cut
  • Ventilation tuning with front buttons and full-length zipper
  • Under arm, front and dual back mesh panels
  • Massive rear zipper pockets
  • Wickability


  • Long front cut can occasionally catch on the saddle nose during uber steep maneuvers
  • Can feel warm
  • Collar points can flop around

Car-go Away Shorts
Epic performance, design, and durability.
The CarGo Away is built with abrasion-resistant, breathable stretch
nylon fabric for epic days in the saddle. Featuring side cams for
precise waist adjustment and a pedal-friendly, knee-length cut, these
stylish shorts come equipped with a removable, high-quality Coolmax
chamois liner to pad your rear.

  • MSRP: $109.99
  • Visit the Club Ride Car-Go Away website
  • RideDryWear fabric for moisture control
  • Abrasion-resistant stretch nylon fabric
  • Seamless crotch gusset
  • Zippered side panel storage
  • Side adjustment system
  • 13-inch inseam
  • Removable Coolmax liner
  • Colors: Olive/Raven and Raven/Ale

Wow, this short is pure comfort! The
loose cut, which isn’t overly baggy, combined with the perfect
knee-length 13-inch inseam and stretchy material, all work in synergy
for a comfortable and highly maneuverable pair of shorts. You can never
have too many pocket on a set of shorts, and it has a bunch of them,
including three zippered ones, which I found especially useful. I wasn’t
a big fan of the hanging chamois, since it didn’t fit very tightly, and
felt sloppy, so I ended up swapping in my usual favorite liner.

two-piece Car-Go Away is comprised of an outer short made from 2-way
stretch nylon, and a removable inner Coolmax chamois liner made from a
polyester and spandex blend. They have two-hand pockets with a front
drop in cell phone slot in the right hand one, and two zippered thigh
and one back pocket.  It’s available in Raven and Olive (as tested)
colors, in Small, Medium, Large, or X-Large, and retails for $109.99.

The shorts have a 13″ inseam (mine measured at 12.5″), which is
absolutely perfect for mountain biking, as it came to my knee level. The
front closure uses a simple single snap, and a nice long zipper for
nature’s calls. The shorts have a superb waist size alerting system,
which uses adjustable cams, located at the hip, which allow several
inches of play, making for easy changes that don’t slip, as the cams
lock down tight. The outer short which uses a polyester, and spandex
blend, and have been very durable and the fabric stretches and undulates
in the proper directions for maximum comfort. The use of two way
stretch fabric, which is laid out in different directions depending on
its stretching requirements makes for a very resilient setup. The main
material is more durable, and it stretches horizontally, as does an
upper back panel, which uses a lighter and stretchier fabric. The crotch
is gusseted, meaning it has a rhomboid section of fabric sewn in, so
that it remains seamless under the naughty bits, for more comfort and
roominess.  The gusset stretches in a vertical direction, and uses the
same lighter and stretchier material as the back panel, and that
material has the added benefit of better breathability.

The Coolmax
chamois liner has a very open and light mesh, which breathed and
ventilated well, and the leg’s cuffs were snug enough to keep them from
creeping anywhere. I found the liner slightly flimsy, and didn’t fit
tightly around the midriff, as a small amount of compression is
athletically beneficial. Although the padding was thick, it was too
soft, and needs to be firmer to provide more comfort and protection. The
main issue I had with the padding, it doesn’t have a 3D anatomical
geometry, so it hangs loose and droopy under the crotch, making for an
odd and disconcerting feeling, instead of a snug and conforming fit.


  • Comfortable, and comfortable
  • Excellent waist adjustment system
  • 2-way stretch material
  • Perfect knee length
  • Plethora of pockets


  • Chamois liner – loose, needs firmer padding and 3D geometry

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