Magura 2013 – Sea Otter 2012

by Brian Mullin on May 1, 2012

As reported in mid-March,
Magura has a new line of forks for 2013, with a plethora of sizes and
travel options.  The TS (Team Suspension) series will include a 29er
with travel options of 80,100 and 120mm, a 650B with 120 and 150mm, and
26er with 80,100,120 and 150mm. There is a slew of versions for the
forks with multiple features, including the entry level TS6, and the
higher-end TS8 SL and TS8 R. I like the subdued white and black color
scheme of the TS series, and was impressed with the usual German
craftsmanship of the forks. I played around with a 29er just before Sea
Otter, and it has that same brute stiffness and strength that the Thor
has, and that’s greatly due to the stout double arch. The improved seals felt pretty decent, and it had a smooth stroke, without any notchiness or stichion.

The TS forks have been
developed based on the SLE concept (Stiffer, Lighter, Easier), which
means optimum stiffness at the lowest possible weight, extremely low
maintenance, and an easy setup. With the Fork Master Concept (FMC), it
is possible to manufacture forks with a sensitive response where special
bushings, seals and surfaces work together with the Fork Master Grease
(FMG) to deliver an exceptional ride. The forks feature progressive
suspension characteristics that prevent over-response even in steep
terrain. That is a lot of acronyms, TS, SLE, FMG, and FMC?

The 29er fork has their proprietary M15 axle system (58 grams total),
which uses a threaded 15mm axle that is tightened with a Torx T25 tool,
and they have cleverly integrated a small Torx wrench into the opposing
end of the axle. It’s a simple system, just pop out the axle tool from
it’s recessed location on the right side of the axle, and then use the
integrated Torx T25 head to take the axle off and on. It sits in there
pretty snugly, so I can’t imagine it falling off during a ride, but if
it does, you should have a T25 Torx wrench in your tool kit. The 29er
are available with travel of 80, 100 and 120mm, their DAD arch (Double
Arch Design), and  1 1/8″ and a tapered steerer.

650B and 26
Magura has also jumped on the 650B bandwagon, and it comes in a 120 and
150mm TS8 versions, with their DAD arch (Double Arch Design), and a
QR15 axle, and 1 1/8″ and a tapered steerer. The 26 comes in a slew of
options, covering the gamut of the TS6 to the TS8 models, with 80, 100,
120 and 150mm of travel, their DAD arch (Double Arch Design), and a QR15
(120 and 150mm only) or 9mm axle,  and 1 1/8″ and a tapered steerer
(varies on model). The 26 and 650B use the same lowers, which is
basically the remnants of the 2012 Thor.

I do wish the 29er came
with 140mm of travel, and that they still had a 160mm beast master for
All Mountain usage in the 26 size?

Pricing on the new 29’er and 650B forks is as follows:

29’er and 650B Forks 
TS6 – $649
TS8 R – $849
TS8 SL – $849

26″ Forks
TS6 – $599
TS8 SL – $799
TS8 R – $799
TS8 R QR15 – $849
TS8 R 150 – $849  

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