OGIO 9.0 Endurance Bag

by Brian Mullin on May 18, 2012

OGIO is an innovative designer of bags with unique styling that is infused with intelligent designs. Their bags cover the gamut of activities, including sports, work, school, travel and leisure, making for products that can carry items unique to those lifestyles. Theirs recently introduced Endurance Collection includes the top of the line and full featured 9.0 and 8.0 models, and the 7.0, 5.0, 4.0, 3.0, 2.0, 1.0, covering the entire pricing gamut from $160 to $40. Refer to their website at http://ogio.com for exact specifics.

9.0 Endurance Bag
The 9.0 is constructed with high-tensile strength rip-stop nylon, for durability and light weight, and has a tough abrasion resistance base for additional longevity. The bag has a large main compartment, two long shallow front and rear pockets, two side shoe/helmet compartments, and a bottom wet/dry compartment with a 360° air flow ventilation gusset. One of the helmet/shoe compartment covers has an armored crush resistant molded EVA pocket for goggles or sunglasses. The outer top flap of the main compartment converts to a backpack system, which includes adjustable shoulder and sternum straps with a ventilated and padded back panel. The 9.0 comes in two colors, Acid and Black (tested), and retails for $160.

The OGIO Endurance 9.0 is an excellent gear bag, with an incredible plethora of compartments, pocket and sleeves for the utmost in organizational purposes. Besides catering to my compulsive neat freak nature, this bag makes sure you never leave home without all your equipment. When you pack the bag, if you place everything in their allotted locations, you’ll hopefully won’t get out in the field and realize you forget a critical piece of gear, which can always put a damper your riding adventure, and especially regarding comfort and safety.

I used the back pocket for smaller armor, the front for nutrition and electronics and sundry items, the left side for shoes, the right side for a helmet, and the hard case for sunglasses. In the main compartment, I placed my hydration pack and apparel, and anything else that seemed appropriate. Although the main compartment had a lot of volume, very large or tall hydration packs might not fit (not many matches that criteria), and would need to be carried separately. The benefit of the 9.0 size is that fits on your vehicle seat without much encumbrance.

Once I was ready to carry it to the truck, the handy integrated backpack setup was quite comfortable, carried the weight well, and it was easy to maneuver through household doors. Out in the field, it was simple to extract all the gear and get ready for a ride, and the cavernous main compartment gave you some staging area during preparation.

If I needed to bring water bottles, the carriers on the back pocket worked well, and I was amazed how much they stretched to accommodate a bottle.

After completing the day’s adventures, I opened up the bottom pocket for my dirty apparel and returned everything else to their proper and allotted locations, which again made sure I didn’t leave something astray and lost. The sealed bottom compartment is meant for wet or damp gear and is handy to prevent the main pocket’s items from getting nasty and cross contaminated. For ventilation and drying purposes of the bottom compartment’s contents, a second zipper drops a mesh bellow approximately 2 inches downward. The shoe/helmet compartments have two small drain holes on their bottom, for ventilation and moisture removal.

I have been using the 9.0 for many months, and it has been durable and has worked extremely well, and the organizational features are just outstanding. What I like about the Endurance 9.0 is how carefully thought out everything is, and it’s all very purposeful and is meant to carry almost every conceivable item for a bike ride, helmet, water bottle, hydration pack, shoes, apparel, electronics and nutrition. I have worn out and destroyed many gear bags of lesser quality, and this one exudes exceptional quality, excellent materials and sturdy stitching.

I liked the well-padded backpack system, and whether I just hooked on one shoulder strap or both, it worked exceptionally well and made carrying the bulky and bulbous bag an effortless endeavor. It has a nice loop with a quick clip on the top of the pack for grabbing the unit, which can also be used to hang the bag, more purposeful for staging at a triathlon event.

The pocket I used for the helmet, was meant for an additional pair of shoes, and the designated helmet spot was a stretchy slot on the inside top of the main compartment. The crush proof goggle/sunglasses compartment was nice to have, and I didn’t have to worry about accidentally harming a set of eyewear, especially when bags get tossed around or stacked with other items in a vehicle.

There are so many nooks and crannies, pockets and slots, that just about anything of small to average size can be carried in the front and rear compartments. The front pocket has an excellent crush proof slot for a phone, GPS or any electronic gear, to protect it from getting banged around.

The zippers on the main, bottom, helmet and shoe compartments are large and robust, and worked smoothly, and could be cranked down hard without any negative issues. The front and rear pockets, and the bottom bellow used smaller and finer zippers and were tougher to pull tight if the bag was stuffed, and also, they had more propensities to catch though it was rare.


Bottom Line
The OGIO 9.0 Endurance is an exceptional gear bag, which has a plethora of compartments, pockets and sleeves for the utmost in organizational purposes. I could carry my shoes, helmet and armor in separate pockets, my hydration pack and apparel in the main compartment, and various other items in multiple and very advantageous locations. Besides being the ultimate gear bag for a neat freak and one who likes things to be organized, it creates an environment that makes sure you never leave home without your required ride specific items when they are placed in their allocated sites. The 9.0 has excellent craftsmanship, materials, and stitching, making for a durable and long-lasting product. The carefully thought out and designed bag, has many superb features, and one of the most exceptional is the integrated backpack system, which is comfortable and useful.It is expensive, and I do wish the main compartment was slightly longer to carry larger hydration packs, but those are little nitpicks of this otherwise solid gear bag.

The OGIO Endurance Collection’s premier bag, the 9.0 Endurance, is well made, durable and feature filled, and has pockets and organization galore, and has a highly functional integrated backpack, and just about every buzz and whistles possible crammed into its good skin. Highly recommend!


  • An incredible plethora of compartments, pockets and sleeves for the utmost in organizational purposes
  • Excellent features
  • Integrated backpack system
  • Excellent craftsmanship, materials and stitching
  • Carefully thought out and designed gear bag


  • Expensive
  • Main compartment could be longer to accommodate larger hydration packs


OGIO 9.0 Endurance Specs:

  • MSRP: $160
  • High-Tensile strength, durable, lightweight construction
  • Crush resistant molded EVA lockable armored pocket
  • Molded EVA “Tech Vault” protective electronics interior pocket
  • H20 resistant wet/dry clothes storage compartment
  • 360° air flow ventilation gusset in wet/dry compartment
  • Fully adjustable ventilated pack style shoulder straps with ventilated back panel padding
  • Ventilated shoe compartment (holds two pairs)
  • Expandable Lyrca helmet storage interior pocket
  • Changing mat storage compartment
  • Nutrition specific organization panel
  • Large main compartment with additional end storage pocket
  • Two insulated hydration bottle pockets
  • Transparent race day/work out check list sleeve
  • Staging area hanger clip
  • Hide away interior zippered pocket for valuables
  • Durable abrasion resistant base
  • High visibility liner
  • Materials – 600D Poly, 420D diamond rip-stop, 300D Poly diamond rip-stop
  • Dimensions: 12″ H x 12.5″ W x 27″ D
  • Weight: 3.4 Lbs.

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