Shimano’s New Direct-Mount Rear Derailleur Option

by Brian Mullin on May 3, 2012

a few bikes at Sea Otter had Shimano’s new optional D.R.D. (Direct
Mount Rear Derailer), and although the system makes a lot of sense, it
is confusing to understand (myself included). Basically, the derailer
pivot mounts directly to the hanger, without any B-Link present, and the
hanger, which is supplied by the frame manufacturer, sits 20mm aft of a
standard one. In the usual setup, the derailer connects to a B-Link,
and the B-Link connects standard hanger.

Shimano states that this
arrangement provides crisper shifts, greater durability and easier wheel
removal and installation? Like many components on a mountain bike, the
derailer hanger comes from the road bike arena, and many items, like 9mm
quick releases don’t work as well in the more abuse environment. One of
the concepts behind a standard replaceable derailer hanger, was that it
would break off during a crash or when hit hard, and save the derailer
from being damaged. Unfortunately, in real-life use, the derailer gets
dragged into the spokes, and get disintegrated. Shimano will release the
Shadow derailer ready for Direct Mount, although they will include a
B-Link for attachment to a standard hanger. I am not sure whether SRAM
will release a derailer that will mount on the Direct Mount?

useful video has Shimano’s Matt Robertson explaining the new optional
standard, along with some of the bike manufacturers who have chosen to
adopt this, and incorporate it into their designs. Find out what D.R.D
is and see why brands like IBIS, Rocky Mountain, Yeti Cycles, GT
Bicycles and Santa Cruz Bicycles are adding the new Direct Mount Rear
Derailleur option to their line of bikes.

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