Grams Light Bikes Hits 500,000 Visits

by Brian Mullin on June 24, 2012

to my website, which just rolled over 500,000 unique visits! The first
article I ever wrote was ‘The Art of Bolt Rolling’ on February 1st 1997,
and I have created over 400 posts since then. The initial articles were
orientated towards weight weenie pursuits, and although I have ventured
towards the All Mountain dark side of riding, I still have a “Gram”

I haven’t done any real SEO work on the site, so I am
happy with the visit count, and I think it’s due to lots of good
content, word of mouth and regular entries.

Thanks to all the product vendors that have given me media
samples to test and review over the years, since without your
assistance, I wouldn’t get to follow my writing and reviewing passion.
It also allows me to keep the website advert free, and removes any sort
of gray marketing area with products?

Of course,  I want to thank my readers most of all, and I appreciate your readership, comments, support and cross posting.

Brian Mullin

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