SPY Releases Unseen Footage of Mike Montgomery From “Flip” Commercial

by Brian Mullin on June 1, 2012

We were all wondering when we watched the Flip commercial during the Tour of California, if the rider actually pulled off an entire rotation, since the footage cuts out before he lands? The answer is, Yes!

MEDIA ALERT: SPY Releases Unseen Footage of Mike Montgomery From “Flip” Commercial
Freestyle Mountain Biker Pulls Spins, Whips and Superman Flips on Road Bike

WHO: SPY, Mike Montgomery and Matthew Busche
WHAT: Behind the Scenes of the SPY “Flip” Commercial
WHEN: May 25, 2012
WHERE: http://youtu.be/Gr1vdCmxE3k
WHY: Read on…

San Diego-based eyewear brand SPY® has released the anticipated follow-up footage from “Flip,” the enticingly unusual
commercial that recently aired on NBC during the Tour of California.
Filled with previously unseen clips of a SPY kit-clad Mike Montgomery
performing hair-raising moves on a bike that is usually reserved for
motocross, BMX and freestyle mountain bikes, the behind the scenes video
uncovers initially unanswered questions brought forth by skeptics and
supporters alike.

created a spot that was born of our action sports roots, bringing to
the very predictable cycling world a punk rock irreverence, a unique
performance take and a great showcase of two of our totally different
team riders—2011 US Road Race Champion Matthew Busche and MTB stuntman
Mike Montgomery,” explains Michael Marckx, SPY president and creative
mind behind the concept. ”The additional footage dispels rumors that
Mike wasn’t capable of doing moves on a bike designed for other uses.
Talent knows no boundaries, and Montgomery’s performance proves that
sometimes it’s the rider, not the equipment, that makes something

the technical aspects of building a ‘cross bike capable of freestyle
feats, the behind the scenes footage goes deeper into the back-story of
the bike Montgomery and Team Specialized designed specifically for the shoot.

“I really had no idea what I was getting into,” explains Montgomery,
who is a pro at doing similar tricks on a freestyle mountain bike.
“When I told the guys at Specialized what I’d be doing, they were
telling me to use the bikes I already had, and then I let them know I
had to basically be riding an authentic road bike. Once we actually went
to the set and started production, it was like, alright, time to shut
up and sack up”

with Montgomery’s abilities to spin, whip, flip and boost on a bike
typically suited for pavement, 2011 USA Pro Cycling Road Race Champion Matthew Busche offers additional commentary in the video in regards to his “Flip” commercial freestyle stand-in.

“It was all impressive to me,” says Busche. “I can ride in a straight line pretty much, and that’s about it.”

For more information about SPY, log-on at www.spyoptic.com, www.facebook.com/spyoptic and Twitter @spy_optic.

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Source – Maddy Isbell, SPY®

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