Demon Hyper Knee and Shin X D30

by Brian Mullin on July 27, 2012

These look like some beast’s that will let you ride through the gnar with the utmost in safety and protection! They have excellent coverage on the front where it’s needed most, but they also have some additional side buttons to protect that vulnerable areas on the margins.



Looking for serious knee and shin protection? The Demon Hyper Knee/Shin X D3O
delivers some serious benefits! Running along the front of the pad is a
Kevlar front shield, making it ultra durable. Protecting your knee and
shin is the new impact technology of D3O.
This is embedded into each pad, absorbing the shock of any wipeout
while always form fitting to your legs. Behind the D3O is memory foam
lining, offering that much more protection against wipeouts and making
this the kind of pad you could wear all day. The airoprene (perforated
neoprene) body is ultra lightweight and keeps your legs highly
ventilated. Plus the terry cloth inside wicks away sweat, keeping you
cool and dry. “We started out with three goals in mind,” says co-founder
Brent Davidson. “Create, one, the lightest, two, the most durable, and
three, the best impact resistant knee/shin guards available. This is
what we came up with.” The entire pad has double bound stitching making
it extremely tough. Try it on and you’ll never want to take it off.

For a technical video of the Demon Hyper Knee/Shin X D3O, click here.

About Demon United:
Born out of the Rocky Mountains in Salt Lake City Utah, Demon was
founded in 1999.  Starting with a single product and a vision to create
the greatest protective gear and accessory company, two brothers set off
on a journey of design and testing. 10 years later we find ourselves
still based out of Salt Lake City, our product range has grown to 150
products and the brand of Demon can be found in over 30 countries around
the world. We are devoted to action and gravity sports athletes world
wide and strive to create technology driven protective gear and
accessories available.

About D30
is a British-based impact protection solutions company that markets a
unique patented technology that is used to produce a shock absorbing
material. This high performing branded material is used to provide a
wide range of integrated products in the motorcycle, sport, electronics,
footwear, and PPE markets.
Today, we continue to challenge and
lead the world of impact protection and shock absorption with
innovative, pioneering solutions for our customers.


Source – Trevor Long

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