G-Form Protected iPhone dropped from 1000 Feet

by Brian Mullin on August 9, 2012

Extreme Wingsuit Base Jumpers Drop G-Form Protected iPhone from More than 1000 Feet

Base jumper successfully recovers iPhone undamaged and with full free fall video footage – see video here

R.I. (Aug. 9, 2012) – Many may have last seen Gary Connery posed as the
Queen mum while parachuting into the opening ceremonies of the Olympic
games in London. About 24 hours prior to that stunt, however, Connery
traveled with G-Form to test some of their latest extreme body
protective gear and newest smartphone cases.

joined world-renowned fellow wingsuit and base jumpers Brett Kistler
and Jamie Flynn on the Eiger in Switzerland. Suited up in G-Form’s
extreme protective compression gear, the team captured some spectacular
footage and breathtaking views, while flying in wingsuits at well over
100 mph.

Equipped to take video with iPhones protected by G-Form
cases, the wingsuit trio spontaneously decided to test the technology in
G-Form’s typical extreme fashion by dropping one of the iPhones from
more than 1000 feet. The iPhone records the entire free fall and
subsequent ground-impact. The phone is recovered by Connery after his
return to the ground and is completely undamaged in its G-Form case
without even a glitch in the video.

G-Form’s revolutionary RPT
(reactive protection technology) is designed and molded 100 percent in
the USA, and can absorb 94 percent of impact force through a molecular
change and momentary stiffening. The technology protects both athletes
and electronics without bulk or thickness. The revolutionary protective
apparel can be thrown in the wash like any piece of clothing and fits
comfortably under other apparel.

“Perhaps the best part,” notes
Brett Kistler, “is that I completely forgot I had the G-Form extreme
protective gear on even though I was basically wearing it from head to
toe. I was sitting with my friends, hours after the jump, when someone
asked me about the RPT gear. Then, I remembered, I was still wearing

The new G-Form iPhone cases with RPT technology are available
now in Staples and other major retailers in a variety of styles, and
G-Form will be releasing versions for the Samsung Galaxy S® III shortly
along with versions for the iPhone 5 and new iPod touch, as soon as
those devices reach the market. G-Form athletic gear can be found at
local sports specialty stores through G-Form’s network of global
distributors and online at www.g-form.com.

Watch the breathtaking footage of the Eiger wingsuit flight and the 1000 foot iPhone drop to earth here.

About G-Form
G-Form is committed to changing the state of the art in athletic and
electronics protection. It was founded by athletes who use the products
for their electronics and also to compete, G-Form’s new technology
including RPT™ – Reactive Protective Technology- uses science to offer
protection without traditional limits. http://www.g-form.com


Source – Kristen Bean

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