Introducing the Footbalance Game Custom Insole

by Brian Mullin on August 21, 2012

Footbalance Game is an insole for high-impact, court sports athletes.
The Footbalance Game is designed to offer greater shock absorption,
better stability and injury prevention. The ´Game´ insole is perfect for
any sport that demands skilled footwork or sudden, explosive foot
movements that place strain on feet and ankles.


  • Very high cushioning combined with solid support

Perfect for

  • High-impact activities

Size: 36-52

  • Cushioning: 5
  • Stiffness: 2
  • Top Surface: D-200 Silver Ion
  • Weight (size 42): ≈ 2.15 oz / 60 g

The Footbalance Advantage
This footbed is custom-molded for you based on a personal foot analysis.

is an innovative insole that brings you the benefits of custom
orthotics at an affordable price. With Footbalance you get a complete
foot analysis and custom molded insoles in under 10 minutes. Each insole
is individually custom molded for each foot, to ensure perfect fit and
support no matter your arch type, foot shape or differences between the
left and right foot. Your insoles are available for trial and use
immediately – at a price that won’t break the bank.

insoles support your feet in proper alignment to promote healthy foot
function and improve overall body alignment. The patented Footbalance
energy return core helps keep foot muscles and arches active and toned.
Studies have shown that improving overall body alignment helps improve
biomechanical efficiency and reduce the incidence of stress injuries.
Proper support underfoot can reduce foot fatigue and improve circulation
for better endurance.

The Footbalance custom insole line
includes a full range of cushioning and support levels to help you
achieve a comfortable, customized fit in virtually any footwear whether
for sports, work or leisure.

About Footbalance
Footbalance System Ltd. is a Finnish company established by
physiotherapists in 2003 with the aim of improving well-being through
innovations to increase foot comfort. Collaborating with health care and
exercise professionals, Footbalance System develops custom molded
insoles and computer-aided analysis tools. Footbalance’s individually
molded insoles support feet properly for improved biomechanical
efficiency, thereby helping to improve comfort, health and performance
in both sports and daily life. The Footbalance team includes medical
specialists, sports professionals and footwear designers. We have
expertise and pioneer status in our field. Our company is headquartered
in Helsinki, Finland with subsidiaries in the U.S. and Sweden.

Source – Janette Sherman

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