Syntace Wheels

by Brian Mullin on August 1, 2012

Syntace announced an entire wheelset lineup, with four widths, ranging
from 25mm, 30mm, 35mm and an ultra wide 40mm. The wheels will use an
innovative spur gear drive hub, and will be equipped with Sapim X-ray
spokes and alloy nipples. They’ll cost around $1,200 a pair, and will
weigh 1295 g to 1840 g, which is very light for wheels in that width. I am really looking forward to trying these wheels out, especially the W35 MX version, as their quality, longevity and engineering are always exceptional.

  • German made spur gear drive hubs
  • Butted 17mm oversize axle, intelligent bearing positioning for maximum stiffness and life span at lightest possible weight.
  • X-12 axle system
  • Asymmetrical
    Syntace W-Series MX rims with custom drilling and spoke angle matched
    hub flanges. Wider rims for better tire shape and performance. Rims are
    tubeless compatible.
  • Sapim X-ray spokes and alloy nipples
  • Super
    light weights across the entire range – i.e. 1455 grams with the 30mm
    wide rim compared to Easton Haven Carbon at 1450 grams with a narrower
    rim at twice the price of $2,450
  • 24”, 26”, 27.5” (650b) and 29” models
  • German Assembly
  • Syntace 10 yr – 3+7 warranty

WHEELSET’s – W25/30/35/40 MX

all began with the simple wish for really wide rims that are still
light enough for all-round use from XC races to All Mountain. However,
no manufacturer wanted to know anything about it. We’ve dealt with this
before, so we decided to get to work and make or our wide and tough rims
and nice durable hubs. And both had to be really light.

System wheels vs. systematic fine tuning
Agreed – System wheels look very chic. But should you have to put up
with their fundamental drawbacks? For example low spoke counts, which
prevent any continuation of a ride when a spoke is broken? In an
emergency non readily available spokes and nipples? Heavy, and less
stiff wheels? We believe not. The Syntace W-series relies on the results
of a wheel configuration which has proven superior for over a century.

Asymmetrical Syntace W-Series MX rims with custom drilling and spoke
angle matched hub flanges. Sapim CX Ray bladed spokes, 28 per wheel,
triple crossed, Sapim alloy nipples. Hand lacing quality. Wheels, that
are distinctly different where it matters.

Light weight rolling revolution
Light weight tires with thinner side walls that roll better only really
start to show good all-round performance when mounted to wide rims.
Syntace W-Series MX rims are really wide and also extremely light
weight. Lighter than any other aluminum rimmed
wheel in the
equivalent intended application. They are even on-par with extremely
expensive carbon wheels, but distinctly wider: from the feathery 25mm
wide W25 MX at 1295 g, to the 30mm wide W30 MX at 1455 g, and 35mm wide
W35 MX at 1595 g, and the uber 40mm wide W40 MX at 1840 g (26″ sizes).

More effective than helium in the tires
With a rim width (inner) of a full 19.3mm, 24.8mm, 28.4mm and 33.5 mm for the rims (
W25/30/35/40 MX respectively), will provide the “RightTireShape” even
for tires up to 2.5”. Cleverly combined with weight reducing tires, that
use the now made suitable thinner side walls, the wheelset’s allows
weight saving from 500 – 600 g.

Mix and match
For all available W-series front and rear wheels, factory delivered
according to your preference of combination. Simply configure, order,
and assemble. Regardless of how exotic your combination is, you just pay
for the regular Syntace wheelset price.



Black aluminum instead of carbon.
The ductile material aluminum has its rightful place in two finger wide
rims rolling over sharp rocks, roots and steps. If it were just
possible to bend sufficiently light weight rims. It‘s possible.

Light weight… and tougher than carbon rims
Thanks to the Syntace precision profile made of a custom high strength
alloy, welded and multiply cold worked and heat treated. Stress reducing
asymmetrical Syntace W-Series profile design with side step drilling
pattern. Mere 350g, 430g, 500g and 580g for the 26″  W25 MX, W30 MX, W35
MX and W40 MX rims respectively. Who can compete with that?

Less tire pressure, more control
Less tire pressure means: more grip, less rolling resistance in rough
terrain, higher capability to absorb impacts, higher speed in corners as
well as better braking traction. Why can a wider rim be ridden with
less air pressure? Because the carcass remains upright better and is in
contact with the rim via more air volume. This means the tire is given a
wider and more direct “support” by the rim.

Imprioved ability to hold shape
MTB tires show much less „bulging“on the wider Syntace W30 MX rims than
on conventional narrow tires. This prevents the tire from “folding” at
low pressure. Additionally: the likelihood of snake bites is reduced as
well as the rolling resistance!



HiTorque MX Hub
The toughest hub we know of. On climbs and descents. All round 100%
synchronizing engagement of spur gears in place of pawls on individually
loaded drive gear teeth. The heart of the Syntace wheelsets are the
Syntace developed and manufactured Syntace Hi-Torque MX hubs (Pat
pend.). Finest turning and machining, inconspicuous appearance, but with
superior inner qualities.

Spur gearing: all or none!
The name and the crisp sound already lead to the presumption: freewheel
mechanism of this Syntace hub will withstand more than others. The spur
gear mechanism which Syntace has further refined, guarantees that force
transmitting teeth can’t engage individually and as a result are
overloaded. In exactly that moment when one tooth wants to engage, all
teeth inevitably engage in synchronization. The 36 in Germany precision
machined high strength spur gears are driven by four spiral springs. The
result in the rough every day mtb use: the German uphill master Jan
Lämmel has been using the same rear hub in his Liteville 301 since fall
2011. Without any maintenance, just like the hub in the rear wheel of
Trails Champion Thomas Öhler. Just for comparison’s sake:
conventional pawl freewheel bodies are completely destroyed within four
weeks of being in one of these boys’ bikes – regardless of the number of
pawls. Trial riders – not to be confused with trail riders – know
exactly what is meant here.

Winter resilient
with icy cold winter temperatures the Syntace Hi-Torque MX shows no
engagement denials or signs of “chain-push” issues with consequent chain
wrap attacks. No slippage, and long lifespan spur gears. In Europe – as
opposed to sunshine states such as California – for every committed
mountain biker an absolute must, as we believe.

Robust flange
High strength 7075 alloy, fatigue test machine optimized dimensioning and spoke angle matched flanges.

Stiff axle system
Butted 17mm oversize axle, intelligent bearing positioning for maximum stiffness and life span at lightest possible weight.
*only available in complete wheel, not individually.

HiTorque MX Rear 28 & 32 hole

  • Butted 17mm oversize axle, for maximum stiffness, durability and lowest possible weight
  • Hub body with two double sealed 17x30x7 precision cartridge bearings
  • Freewheel with two double sealed 17x26x5 precision cartridge bearings
  • Spur geared freewheel with 10° pitch (36 tooth)
  • Optimized engagement due to four spiral springs
  • Disc brake interface: 6 bolt standard
  • 142×12 and QR axle standard by swapping end caps

HiTorque MX Front 32 hole OS

  • 25mm oversize hub
  • two double sealed 37x25x7 precision cartridge bearings
  • Disc brake interface: 6 bolt standard
  • 20mm, 15mm und QR axle standard by swapping end caps

HiTorque MX Front 28 hole

  • 17mm oversize
  • two double sealed 26x17x5 precision cartridge bearings
  • Disc brake interface: 6 bolt standard
  • 15mm and QR Achsstandard standard by swapping end caps



Complete wheelset specifications:

Wheel warranty 3+7
For all wheels Syntace gives s 10 year warranty on all material and
manufacturing defects. This is free of charge within the first 3
warranty years, and a 50% discount on the respective current retail
price is offered for the remainder of the 10 year warranty period. The
warranty does not cover normal wear of consumable parts or high impact
damage on rim etc.

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