Club Ride Making Big Moves

by Brian Mullin on September 4, 2012

My friends over at Club Ride have had a very busy year, hiring new
staff, and growing like gang busters. Their gear is comfortable, high
tech, well-made and bike specific, yet can still be worn outside of the
bike realm, since it looks like non geek apparel.

Closing Out Strong Summer, Club Ride Makes a Big Move

ID – With Labor Day Weekend past and summer coming to a close, Club
Ride has punctuated its successful season with major expansions and
improvements. From a new facility to an expanded bank line, nearly every
aspect of Club Ride’s business is advancing.

the last week of August, Club Ride’s team completed a move from the
company’s original headquarters to a new location with three times the
square footage, including an expansive, dedicated warehouse space. With a
growing staff and product line, the larger facility became a necessity.
“With our 2013 collection nearly double the size of this year’s
offerings, this move couldn’t wait another day,” said Founder Mike
Herlinger. “Shipments of new product are scheduled to arrive in late
September, and developing this new space has been a critical step in our

Club Ride’s website is currently undergoing a major
facelift as well and is scheduled to be unveiled later this week. “We’ve
been working hard all summer, continuing to raise the bar,” said CEO
Scott Montgomery. “With a young, growing business like ours, it’s
important to take things step by step, and a change like this new
website is part of our steady progression.  Other big improvements
include earlier delivery to our 300 plus dealers, larger tradeshow
presence, and greatly expanded catalog.”

Since being established
in 2008, Club Ride has grown by leveraging its private funding.  The end
of the summer also brought with it the company’s first bank credit
line, putting Club Ride’s management in a position to grow the business
more aggressively. “This credit line is going to give us more agility in
the marketplace,” noted Montgomery, “and we will be able to pursue
opportunities with greater flexibility and assertiveness. With the Wells
Fargo financing in place, we will be able to expand as budgeted
for 2013. Approximately a third of our ’13 preseasons orders are now in
hand, and we have seen our average order more than double, which has
surpassed our expectations.”

With an enhanced lineup for 2013,
including its new SUB5 urban line, Club Ride is positioning itself for
success as it pursues those opportunities heading into the cycling
industry’s fall preseason sales cycle. “We’ve been working on the 2013
line for well over a year,” said Herlinger, “and we really just can’t
wait to get it to market and see how it’s received.”

About Club Ride
Club Ride Apparel, LLC designs and delivers innovative, fashion-oriented cycling apparel that is technical enough to handle the most demanding rides and styled for everyday casual lifestyle use. It’s apparel for the ride, and everything after.


Source – Ben Bradley

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