Syntace X-FIX Tool Released

by Brian Mullin on October 12, 2012

Syntace X-FIX
Compact, smart and always there.

Syntace X-FIX key (int. pat. pend) is the perfect addition to the
Syntace X-12 through-axle system. It doesn’t matter where and when you
need it, the Syntace X-FIX key is always there. Whether you are
assembling or removing an X-12 rear wheel quicker than with conventional
“quick” releases, fine adjusting the seat or stem angle, moving
controls or adjusting the brake caliper. And what a bonus: No additional
weight when compared to standard QR’s which are attached to the axle.

Under 25g, but containing 3 tools
The robust construction and mobility of the Syntace X-FIX make it

  1. a through axle QR lever with a huge 25Nm torque force.
  2. a 5mm allen key the most common size required on a bicycle, from stem through to rear swing arm pivot bolts.
  3. a 4mm allen key* with 5Nm torque force for more fragile cockpit bolts such as found on shift and brake levers.

On X-15 and X-20 front through axles: for additional 0 grams a QR lever for the front wheel.

Always there
In comparison to loosely carried allen keys or mini tools the Syntace
X-FIX is a truly loyal companion. Thanks to the barely visible but
highly secure snap fit locking mechanism securing it to the Syntace X-12
axle the Syntace X-FIX tool is always there on the bike waiting to be
used – even if you are riding with a different backpack or decide to go
for a ride without your pants for a change.

The impact resistant X-FIX grip is made of the same material of which
quality workshop screwdriver grips are made. The ingenious mounting
position not only means the X-FIX does not protrude significantly from
the axle making it vulnerable, but the super slim compact and
indestructible profile additionally protects the left drop out and brake

Tuned all X-12 bikes
Upgrades all
X-12 equipped bikes by a simple exchange of the enclosed snap fit
equipped conical shim. Suitable for retrofitting on all original Syntace
X-12 through axle systems. Regardless of whether equipped with a
conventional through axle QR** or keyless such as the Liteville, CUBE,
Cannondale, Stevens, Lapierre, Canyon, Norco, Mountain Cycle and many
more, as well as the licensed version from Specialized**.

Snap in and ready to go…
No time consuming re-adjusting of the lever position after reaching the
full rear wheel torque, also no more trouble with wear grinding off the
interlocking teeth such as so often found on previous, fine teethed QR

The X-FIX is inserted into the axle, and then clips onto an adapter end
piece, which comes with the kit. The end piece slides onto the axle,
and extends a slight distance out from the dropouts for the X-FIT to
clip onto. The short end of the tool is the 5mm hex key axle tightener,
while the long end is the 4mm size for other components.

X-FIX Specs:

  • Weight: 28.1 g (Key: 24.8g and shim weight: 3.3g)
  • Key length: 94 mm
  • Key sizes: 5 mm and 4 mm hex key, 5 mm hex key & Torx 25 optionaly
  • Dimensions: 94 x 42 x 18 mm
  • Material: Chrom tooling steel, Delrin
  • Color: black / silver
  • Price: approx $24 (incl. snap fit shim)

* Also available as an TX-25 variant
** With an original Syntace X-12 axle

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