BOOKS – Seven Deadly Sins: My Pursuit of Lance Armstrong

by Brian Mullin on December 14, 2012

Grams thoughts => Many years ago I had thought that David Walsh
was a sad grumpy old man that was on a vendetta to get my road bike
racing idol Lance Armstrong. I had watched with fascination his Tour de
France victories in which he had laid down the gauntlet, and I cheered
and was thrilled by entire affair. As we now know, he was involved in a
systematic doping program for himself and his team, and he has since
been given a lifetime ban from cycling and has lost his seven Tour
titles. David Walsh has now been vindicated for his 13-year pursuit of
the truth on Lance. Recently Walsh was named Journalist of the Year and
Sports Journalist of the Year at the British Journalism Awards, and it
was due to his coverage of the Lance Armstrong doping saga. He has now
released the Seven Deadly Sins: My Pursuit of Lance Armstrong, his story
on the entire account. I am currently working my way through the just released eBook to see
what all the fuss is about!

Press Release

Seven Deadly Sins: My Pursuit of Lance Armstrong
From UK Sportswriter of the year David Walsh – On sale today

(NEW YORK – December 13, 2012)
Atria Books has acquired North American rights to David Walsh’s account
of his 13-year pursuit of the truth in the incredible Lance Armstrong
story that rocked the sports world this year. Scheduled for eBook
publication on December 13, 2012 with a hardcover to follow in early
2013, Seven Deadly Sinswill be released simultaneously by Simon &
Schuster in the UK and Australia/New Zealand.  The definitive book on
Lance Armstrong’s downfall by the reporter who put all the pieces
together, this is sure to be one of the most popular sports books of the
season. Walsh recounts what it was like to take on a serial winner in
the world’s toughest and most famous bike race and an iconic figure to
the cancer community. Armstrong recovered from testicular cancer and
went on to win the Tour de France a record seven times, but in autumn
2012 the USADA published a damning report on Armstrong that resulted in
his being stripped of his seven Tour victories and given a lifetime ban.
It left his reputation in shreds. Walsh’s long fight to reveal the
truth had been vindicated.

The disgrace of Armstrong was the
biggest sports story of the decade, and one that shocked sports fans
around the world. Walsh, the four-time UK Sportswriter of the Year,
first raised serious doubts about the cyclist as early as 1999 and
pursued the truth about Armstrong’s use of performance enhancing drugs
for the next thirteen years.  When faced with the allegations against
him, Armstrong issued a string of denials and initiated legal action
against Walsh and others to defend his reputation.  But he could not
make Walsh or the story go away. He described Walsh as “the worst
journalist I know,” and regularly referred to him as “the little f*****
troll,” but he could not make Walsh nor the story go away. Information
about Armstrong brought into the public domain by Walsh was regarded as
hugely important by United States Federal agents and anti-doping
officials investigating Armstrong. This is the definitive account of the
Armstrong scandal, a compelling story of an icon’s tragic fall from
grace and a remarkable piece of investigative reporting.

Walsh said, “This has been the story of my working life, thirteen years
of striving to show the sports world that what I believed to be true was
true. Most of the time, I believed Armstrong would get away with it,
but in the end the failings in his character that made him cheat and lie
and bully caught up with him. His seven stripped Tour de France titles
are now recalled in the words of Travis Tygart, head of USADA, as, ‘The
greatest heist in the history of sport.’”

Atria President and
Publisher Judith Curr added, “David Walsh’s relentless pursuit of the
truth has resulted in a comprehensive account of the current crisis in
professional athletics, and an example of the lengths a journalist will
go to in order to report an important story.  It is destined to become a
classic of sports journalism.”

# # #

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