Drift Innovations Releases Mobile App for HD Ghost

by Brian Mullin on January 5, 2013

Thoughts => Drift just released their iPhone APP for the HD Ghost
POV video camera, and it brings it up to speed against the like mobile
interfaces from Contour and GoPro. The HD Ghost communicates with the
APP using Wi-Fi just like GoPro’s system, while Contour uses Bluetooth.
The new APP is incredibly useful, especially in regard to positioning
the viewpoint, so that you can get the proper horizontal and vertical
alignment for video and photo recording orientation. From the APP, you
can see the camera’s viewpoint, start and stop recording, choose modes
(video, photo, timelapse, photoburst, gallery) and alter settings. The
settings allow you to change all the typical camera functions that you
can perform in the normal menu system, although for some strange reason
you cannot use the higher frame rates in video mode, meaning you only
get 25/30fps instead of the 720p 50/60fps and 960p 48/50 fps. The
gallery mode is nice, and lets you to examine all the previously
recorded footage, so you can view and delete photos and videos. I
personally preferred to use the remote for starting and stopping videos,
as I found it handier to use, as it was simple and didn’t require you
to keep the phone accessible, and it allowed the usage of the higher
frame rates.

The Drift HD Ghost comes
WiFi enabled to communicate with compatible IOS and Android smartphones
to a distance of up to 90m (295ft).  Combined with the Drift App, the
Drift Datalink™ system allows full remote control of your Drift HD Ghost
ensuring you will always have the best angle and the perfect shot.  The
Drift App is available in the Apple App Store™ and is coming soon to
Google Play™.  Search for ‘Drift App’.

Unique Features

  • Low latency preview enables extremely fast shot framing and setup
  • Preview and download videos and photos directly to your phone for sharing on your favourite social media sites.
  • Filters media type for playback in gallery
  • Intuitive design, easy to use interface


  • Gives you full remote control of the Drift HD Ghost to record, take photos and change settings
  • Setup and playback shots with the view screen
  • Monitor your cameras battery life and SD card level
  • Wireless connection of up to 90m (295ft)
  • Completely free to download


  • For optimal connection stability deactivate the 2-way Remote Control from the Drift HD Ghost settings menu.
  • The Drift App WILL NOT WORK until the user has updated to the latest Drift HD Ghost Firmware Version ( or newer)
The Drift App works only with Drift HD Ghost and is not compatible with older Drift cameras.
For Apple iOS:

  • iPhone 4, 4S & 5 (iOS 4.3, 5 & 6)
  • iPod Touch 4 (iOS 4.3, 5 & 6)
  • iPad 1, 2 & 3 (iOS 4.3,5 & 6)

Coming soon to Android. (Beginning of 2013)


Drift Launches MobileApp Enabling Remote Control Over the HD Ghost Action Camera
Drift App gives users unique ability to preview videos / photos in real time and download content to share instantly on social media platforms
Drift App for compatible Apple™ mobile devices available now, with Android version slated to launch in Q1 2013

(Jan. 3, 2013) –Drift Innovation, the award-winning action sports technology company, launches the Drift App
for compatible Apple™ mobile devices, which pairs with the Drift
Datalink system found in the Drift HD Ghost action camera.  The Drift
App provides remote control of the camera, allowing use of a mobile
device to set up filming, stream video playback and share content
instantly via social media platforms. The Drift App is available now in
the Apple™ App Store and is coming soon to Google Play for Android.

you have the Drift HD Ghost mounted to a helmet or positioned somewhere
out of reach, the mobile app is essential to frame your angle and
ensure you get the best shot,” said John Rounds, Managing Director of
Drift Innovation Inc. “The Drift App features extremely low latency so
you can see exactly what the camera is looking at on your mobile device
and line up shots instantaneously. The Drift HD Ghost also comes
equipped with its own Wi-Fi network enabling users to stream and
download pictures and videos on the spot, using their phones to upload
content instantly to their favorite social media channels.”

Drift HD Ghost communicates with compatible Apple™ and Android mobile
devices to a distance of up to 295 feet (90m) using its built-in Wi-Fi
network. When the Drift App is paired to the camera’s Drift Datalink
system, users have the ability to control their Drift HD Ghost
remotely.  Users can set-up and playback shots within the view screen,
and monitor the camera’s battery life, all on a mobile device. The Drift
App also filters content by media type for playback in the gallery,
allowing users to select their best video and still shots to share on
social media sites.
The Drift App has a similar user interface as
the Drift HD Ghost, with a built-in ‘how to use’ section highlighting
the small differences between the App and camera.

For the latest information and a video tutorial on the Drift App, visit http://www.driftinnovation.com/driftapp.
Drift App works only with the Drift HD Ghost (using firmware version
1.1.40 or newer) and is not compatible with older Drift cameras. The
Drift App is compatible with iPhone 5/4S/4, iPod Touch 4, and iPad (all
generations). For optimal stability, users should deactivate the 2-way
remote control from the Drift HD Ghost settings menu. While using the
App, video mode is restricted to 25/30 FPS in any resolution.

Learn more about Drift Innovation’s full line of accessories and high-definition cameras at http://driftinnovation.com and follow Drift Innovation on http://facebook.com/driftinnovation and on Twitter, @DriftInnovation.

Drift Innovation is an action sports technology company specializing in
the capture and sharing of digital imagery across all platforms. Drift
manufactures quality point of view HD cameras, mounts
accessories, inspiring action sports enthusiasts to document their
experiences, capture the emotion and share their vision with friends and
family. Drift’s mission is to ensure that their unique product features
such as an LCD screen for instant playback, wireless remote control,
rotatable lens and intuitive interface, guarantee a simple, positive
user experience. Drift sponsored professional athletes in moto, auto,
outdoor, snow, aquatic and airborne sports, are an integral part of the
R&D process, testing the performance and durability of Drift
products in the field. Drift, widely recognized as one of the top three
point-of-view camera brands globally, distributes its products in more
than 25 countries. For more information about Drift Innovation, visit http://driftinnovation.com and follow Drift Innovation on http://facebook.com/driftinnovation and on Twitter, @DriftInnovation.

Source – Aubrey Volger

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